Why are bills being increased?

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    Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I thought the cost of energy had gone down. So why is Eon Next increasing Direct Debits by over £100 a month even though customers have over £100 in Credit on their accounts? My mother-in-law's Direct Debit has gone from £61 a month to £176 even thought she has a Credit balance of £423!!!!!! My father's has gone from £120 to £295 and he has a Credit balance of £240!!!!! Ours has gone from £154 to £170, which is not as bad, but I still have no idea why they have gone up. The person I spoke to at Eon Next was totally harassed as people had been complaining all day, so it's obviously a widespread problem. What on earth is going on? Direct Debits are now higher than they were at the height of the energy crisis!
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    Take the forecast of consumption for next 12 months, apply current pricing to that , deduct current credit / add current debit and that will be the total amount forecast for the year. Divide that figure by 12 and that's what the DD should be. If its nowhere near complain!!

    But if customers have been on a cheap previous fix and are moving to a more expensive tariff now, that can explain why the monthly Direct Debit goes up. The level of a previous DD can be relevant , but not always. Do the sums and then you've got some evidence with which to negotiate.

    That's what I do and I don't have any particular difficulties in getting my way when i ring in - which isn't very often!
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    Afternoon @annet have you had a look on your online accounts under 'Manage Payments '. My DD changed recently, which was a surprise to me, and I found this review section.
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    It might help.