It's Nearly Time to Send Meter Readings In

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    As you may know, the energy price cap drops on 1st April so those of you on variable tariffs will be seeing your tariffs becoming a bit less expensive. To avoid getting wildly estimated bills it is best to submit meter readings at the end of this month and in any case between 28 March and 5 April.

    If you have functioning smart meters that are communicating fully then you don't have to submit readings but can still do so if you wish. Also, those with prepayment meters need not send readings, but again, can do so if they wish.
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    Awesome reminder @JoeSoap 😀

    It will certainly be a busy week!

    It's a great time to pop on your online account and enter any reads! If you've not got a working smart or prepayment meter it will save any time on the phone if our lines get extra busy! 📞
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