Gas suddenly not displaying on Ivie Bud IHD

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    Recently had updates sent through from Eon Next to show correct rates on IHD, as was previously, since July showing none direct debit rates. Got that sorted by Kyle and IHD was working perfectly before and after for about one day but since this morning is only displaying Electricity!
    It's been switched on and off and put as close to meter as possible but to no avail
    This is really infuriating as it was working fine before updates and it seems that every time I have contact with Eon Next something like this happens.
    Please any help appreciated, I just don't need the stress caused by this!
    The IHD is an IVIE BUD and usually works fine.
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    @KevinF Hey

    Little update, ive got a colleague checking everything over. The issue is called 'the blank 4.6.1 issue' we have a team working on a fix and they should be provided a firmware update, I have no idea on a time frame just yet other than asap.

    I will keep chasing for time scales for you. Thanks for your patience here. If you can keep reading the meters manually when your bills are due that will be great.

    Let me know if you need anything.
    Did you know that we're open 24/7 across our Social Media Channels? There are lots of ways to contact us over
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    I'm guessing that you haven't raised this latest issue with customer service but it might be worth a shot. If you could post photos of the meters, comms hub and IHD and give precise details of what the lights (HAN/WAN etc) on the comms hub are doing in respect of on or off, flashing or solid (if flashing then at what rate exactly) and what colour then hopefully some of our learned members can advise. You could try the citizens advice smart meter checker and see what that says. The more info you can give, the better. I would still advise a quick email to customer service.
    I'm an Eon Next dual fuel customer with no particular expertise but have some time on my hands that I am using to try and help out a bit.
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    @JoeSoap Hi it's in their hands and several different people seem to be involved!
    The smart Meter checker confirmed that my gas meter is working in smart mode.
    Next step will be a complaint.
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    Hi Joe, this was received from Jass @ EON

    I hope you are well
    Could you let us know what it is showing on the account now.
    Kind regards

    I've queried what he means by this and reiterated it's my IHD and sent him a photo of it only showing electric!

    This all happened when I left an honest review, on their request, Lesson learned. They traced it to my account and before I could tell them not to tamper with my account Kyle had put through the update to correct the Non Direct Debit rates and it worked fine for 24 hours and I foolishly changed my 3* review to 5* as my "confidence was high" then it dropped the gas completely from the IHD!!

    How did you get someone to take control of your issue as I really don't want this added trouble at the moment, I'm seriously considering another supplier in the hope that things run smoothly, since Next took over I've had nothing but trouble.

    I'm keeping meter readings and using next to no gas whilst this goes on but wonder how long the battery life in the meter lasts and what happens when it goes flat?

    How do you get in touch with a Community Eon Staff Member as I just want one person to take control of the issue?
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    @KevinF Have you had any more messages about this? The customer service teams are the best people to deal with this. What's the latest?

    Your IHD, does it show the same tariffs as the physical meter? It could be that we have lost communications with your meter and our smart team will need to attempt to restore those, are you able to pop a photo of the IHD on the forum?

    We have limited staff today but I will check in with you tomorrow as I was due to finish sometime ago.

    With regards to a complaint, we obviously dont want our customers feeling that they need to raise a complaint however if your expectations have not been met, by all means ask the Energy Specialist to open one. I am more than happy to oversee this.

    If you need me you can click reply or if you use the @ key you can type my name and tag me. Lets check in tomorrow and see what's going on.

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    … How do you get in touch with a Community Eon Staff Member as I just want one person to take control of the issue?

    As if by magic our @Lee_EONNext has answered your call 😀
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    @Lee_EONNext Thanks Lee
    Attached are photos of my IHD, it was fine, then Kyle updated the tariff to show my current plan, it worked fine showing correct rates for 24 hours then next day the gas had disappeared.
    I'm hoping it's something simple, as I've experienced this sort of thing in the past but it's just getting the right person at your end to take control and get it sorted.
    Becky sent email Saturday evening stating passed to Smart Meter team and she's back tomorrow (Wed) with an update hopefully but this morning I received an email from Jass asking what my account was showing, did he mean IHD, if so no change.
    Thanks for your help
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    @KevinF Did anyone advise a connection issue with the meter or anything else? It can take a week or 2 for the smart team to pick these requests up, this is a common theme with IHD's

    When did you receive that Ivie Bud?
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    @Lee_EONNext Hi Lee, we've had the Ivie since Oct 22 when the IHD supplied by Eon Next decided also not to display gas, "Sarah" at Eon Next took full details of the Ivie and noted it at your end. Eon would not supply another and sent me the link to buy the Ivie direct.
    No one has mentioned connection issues, other than Kyle in his original contact when he stated some IHD's were awaiting updates. Ours was working fine until Kyle updated our tariff, which had been showing non direct debit rates since July due to an issue Eon had at that time whiich resulted in customers who requested the correct tariff being debited with £150 exit fee! This was quickly resolved and I was happy with the non direct debit rates showing, as I knew my actual "live" usage would be slightly lower. I did request that Kyle didn't update the tariff as I knew something like this would happen but he'd already put it through as previously explained.
    I've contacted Ivie Bud and asked them to also look into this issue.
    I can't really offer anymore information than that already given, I do keep restarting the Bud just in case Eon have fixed the issue.
    Thank you

    PS: It would be really helpful, if you could oversee this so that I'm only communicating with one person.
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