Eon Next Drive- GMTvs BST / 12-7am or my local ECO7 times?

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    I emailed and called EON several times regarding EONs next drive tariff, and was told everytime that it was 12-7 Regardless of my local's ECO7 times and BST adjustment, 12 to 7 all year around.

    their emails also say:
    "Charging your vehicle - In order for you to benefit from the reduction in cost for charging your electric vehicle, you must charge between midnight and 7am. These time are all year round, regardless of GMT and BST"

    now i had my first readings on the account showing my day/night readings from my meter (which is in ECO7 timings which are 1am to 8am during the summer) showing my usage pretty much 50/50 instead of 95%+ nighttime and 5% daytime ( as most of my usage is midnight to 1am to charge ev/solar battery/electric shower/etc)

    I fear that i will end up being billed for 50/50 when i used 95/5 (night/day), does anyone got a EON next drive bill yet and can confirm that is 12-7am regardless of ECO7 timings in your area or BST?
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    As far as I can tell, no-one on Next Drive that has posted on here has currently had a bill. The assurance from Eon Next is that regardless of anything, the bills will be correct.
    @geoffers has posted extensively on this subject and recommends downloading the Hildebrand Bright app. This app shows your usage down to half-hourly intervals and you can now enter your own tariff details, including ToU tariffs such as Next Drive. This will allow you to see what you should actually get billed when you finally get a statement.

    Although not on Next Drive, I have the Bright App and would recommend it. It will show your usage data over the past year or so and is generally up-to-date but can sometimes lag by several hours before updating. When you download it, it may take a little time to populate fully.

    Here’s a couple of links to some posts that @geoffers has written on the subject…


    I'm an Eon Next dual fuel customer with no particular expertise but have some time on my hands that I am using to try and help out a bit.
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    ... does anyone got a EON next drive bill yet and can confirm that is 12-7am regardless of ECO7 timings in your area or BST?
    as @JoeSoap said I'm still waiting for my first statements after more than 2 months.

    I recently emailed a request which was replied to after several days, requesting more information (name; address; account & email) before they could provide the detail, so hopefully something may arrive soon 🤞