SEG - What is it? and are you Eligible?

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    @JoeSoap I think it was fine 😀

    In FIT the forms were so confusing, especially the multi site question, it would ask people about having 25 or more sites. The way it was worded even had us looking at each other like huh, it changed multiple times.

    I would use so many different types of analogies so the generators would understand, what worked with one wouldn't another. I would prefer much plainer English however we have to keep things professional 😅

    I'm here if @jw007 needs anything, no need to call SEG - Not just yet anyway 😉
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    Thank you both @JoeSoap and @LeeDQ_EONNext. Your answers are helpful and I am now clear. I also hope that I did not come across as too pedantic or offend anyone!

    Having looked again at the information provided in the original post above, together with the replies I have received, maybe I could suggest the following small edits (underlined) that might make the information even clearer to idiots like me!

    The requirements for the Next Export Exclusive are,

    • Available to all customers who have their electricity supplied by E.ON Next.
    • or
    • Available to any customers who bought their solar installation from E.ON solar and do not have their electricity supplied by E.ON Next.
    • Next exclusive is offered on a 12-month fixed term export tariff.
    • and has No exit fees

    We also have the Next Export rate which is,

    • Available to all customers who do not have their electricity supplied by E.ON Next and have generators up to a maximum capacity of 5MW.
    • Or
    • Available to all customers who have had their solar installation installed by E.ON solar on a grant and have generators up to a maximum capacity of 5MW.
    • Next Export rate is offered on a12-month fixed term export tariff.
    • And has No exit fees.
    • Current rate: 3 pence per kWh paid for exported electricity.

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    @jw007 Hey, the way they word things make us all look like that sometimes, honestly, If i had the old FIT Application to hand

    I will leave your edit in place on the comments above, because If i was to change and miss something from a regulations point of view then I would be responsible, for then that customer to be told the opposite. FIT and SEG are heavily regulated, super specific with the terms and conditions and wording.

    I am more than happy to spend as long as needed to clarify anything, nothing is a silly question.

    I didn't take any of either comments above pedantic, people understand things in different ways, and between us it took me a while to fully understand, the guidance is so large it's impossible to know everything off the cuff.

    Are you having solar installed? or thinking about it?

    Do you have any other questions?
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    I just enquired for a Next Export Exclusive SEG tariff and as an E.ON Next customer I am eligible for the Exclusive rate. I have a solar panel and battery system but in the small print I found that, as potentially I can charge the batteries from the grid, I am not eligible for the Exclusive rate. I would expect that there should be a rate between the Exclusive and Export rates for E.ON Next customers with this configuration trying to do their bit by reducing demand at peak times. Unfortunately I will be looking at other companies' SEG tariff as the Next Export rate of 3p an unit is a joke.
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    Hi @Mikea

    My understanding is that like the Feed in Tariff scheme, SEG is also heavily regulated. All of this is in the Ofgem Guidance.

    Can I ask when you spoke to the SEG team last?

    There's been a change to the rules around batteries I'm told, you may be entitled to the Next Export Exclusive, the rules changed in the last few weeks, I would get in touch with them again to discuss.

    For me to confirm eligibility here would be very difficult. I would need to see all your paperwork, the diagrams etc.

    Let me know how you get on when you speak to them.

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    My solar is not grid tied so I cannot export any but I tend to use it and store the excess in a battery. Utilisation is about 80% at the moment which is fine but that figure will be around 100 percent come autumn. Every kWh I generate myself is a kWh I don't have to buy in at 29p, but so far the savings are just amortising the purchase cost of the system. Payback/breakeven should be about 14 months so much better than my previous system which took about three years.
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    @LeeDQThanks for your comments. I spoke with the SEG team yesterday and afterwards I saw the battery exclusion on the SEG application form. Unless the grid to battery exclusion was incorrect on the SEG application form, I am not eligible. I noticed the E.ON blog on SEG was not updated in all details so there may be hope. I will check again in a few days time. 16.5p is a great SEG tariff and shows commitment from E.ON to support home renewables, 3p simply does not.
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    @Mikea What you read was correct, it's my understanding now there has been a change to this. It's definitely worth contacting the team again to clarify and have a chat about this. Let me know how you get on or if you need anything else 😁
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    Hi, I'm just considering solar panels and have a quote from a local supplier as well as the informative one on this site. Just a question and that is why is EON-NEXT offering a 16p rate when the default rate is 3p? I am also slightly concerned about the post above regarding batteries making this a deal breaker. My quote shows the flow in all circumstances and it never appears to flow from the grid to the battery, but how can I be sure?

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    Hi, I'm just considering solar panels and have a quote from a local supplier as well as the informative one on this site. Just a question and that is why is EON-NEXT offering a 16p rate when the default rate is 3p?


    Because they can and it suits them to do it this way. have been the leaders in providing a reasonable rather than a penalty rate for generated electricity.
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