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    To make it easy for the moderators from eon to find the users who failed the energy shift task, even though you turned everything off and still failed and got the email saying you failed and no reason why, no percentages etc.
    Please reply "i failed" so we as a forum can see how bad this has been, and hopefully eon will respond to each of the persons replying,
    i know this is just a test phase of the scheme and there are bug to iron out, but i think a lot of the people taking part who have failed are owed a detailed explanation so they can improve or rectify the errors they may or may not have made
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    My results came through on 17th March. I earned £2.18 for reducing by 58% from somewhere around 1.2kWh from memory. If you download the Hildebrand Bright App it will show your consumption for the two half-hour periods in question.
    I'm an Eon Next dual fuel customer with no particular expertise but have some time on my hands that I am using to try and help out a bit.
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    Hey @Lee29,

    Did you take part in anymore, how did you get on with them did you manage to get some good results from it?
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    Hi @DebF_EONNext,
    yes i take part in all the events, i have only missed one when the email arrived to take part 4 hours before the event not the usual 24 hours.
    The average amount earned is around 79p for 80% reduction in each event, but my normal usage around the times is normally less than 0.3kW,
    and around 8kWh for the day.
    Not massive but every little helps.
    Thanks for asking
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    Did anyone else take part in the energy shift event on 15/3/23 6.30-7.30. ?
    results normally come through in 72 hr's. but it took almost 2 weeks to come through.

    and disappointing result. not that we'd failed...just lack of info/readings so they had to pay up just the offer figure...which was a measly 21p. normally we beat the offer figure by a factor of 4 or 5 times, so were expecting at least 80p. small but better than nothing as we saw it.

    so i sent in my photo's (by email) i'd took of the smart meter (the IHD) not the actual meter. i'd got a photo at 6.29pm and one at 7.31pm... and i can't beleive they are actually quibbling with it. they're asking me if i took a pic of the actual meter as IHD's are not always accurate. this is despite the fact the the 3p we spent in that hour being totally consistent with all our efforts at previous events. it's ridiculous..i doubt the meter would even move during 3p usage.

    like someone said in the original post on this topic, this event felt very fake..going through the motions of holding an event they didn't really want to hold. and now the this ain't getting any better.
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    @JoeSoap thanks. i'll try that. surprised to see your results came through so quick. I did a twitter search at the time and found someone else mentioning their results had taken well over a week to come through, but i didn't find anyone complaining as in the circumstances of my case, but presumed maybe the ultra low offer had put a lot of people off doing this one.
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    I really like the Bright App. Half-hourly gas and electric consumption data going back a year or so as long as your smart meters are set to half-hourly data.
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    Hey @trotfor 😊

    Hannah here 👋 how are you getting on? Did you decide to download the Bright App?
    🌍 Striving for a bigger, better and sustainable world!

    There are lots of new ways to contact us! If you do need us please
    👉get in touch👈

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    @Han_EONNext Hi Hannah, yes downloaded the Bright app. bit fiddly getting the codes i needed. and it took about 48 hrs for the data to fully load into it.
    but think i've got all the info i need. so i sent my reply to customer services via email yesterday, so fingers crossed it's all ok.

    thanks for the interest shown. i'm sure i'll be back on if i don't get the right answers from them. thanks again also to JoeSoap for the suggestion of the app.
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    @Han_EONNext please Help Hannah. i simply despair. i've got my reply now. just look at this rubbish :

    "Thank you for your email and sharing photos of the tracked usage.
    As the recent photo shared does not show any identification to your meter type it would have been helpful to produce a tracking record from your meter in your property.
    I can confirm however, that £0.21 has been credited into your account on the 26th Mar 2023 in this regard"

    so i've sent pics of my IHD at 6.29 pm and 7.31 pm...but that wasn't enough.

    the 1st reply asked me if i took meter reading pics, as IHD's can display inacurrate info....even that was a slightly dubious response, given that they not done their bit in the 1st place to track it themselves. then they refuse actual pics of the IHD ( showing just 3p usage in the energy shift hour) ...then i download the bright app, and send 2 screenshots of actual kwh and cost data in half hours split for the evening in question ( 15/3), and they are still quibbling. you'd think a 2nd source of evidence which backed up the original IHD pics would be a sign of consistency & a good thing. I don't even think they think about that aspect, it's just dismiss it out of hand etc. surely they can agree this info to their own data and fill in the gaps. they seem to move the goalposts , and are simply not bothered, and want to brush me off with a load of unconstructive nonsense. I don't care whether this has to go to the ombudsman, tv , papers, or european court of justice !, i am not taking "No" for an answer of this one. we achieved the target, we know we did. we can prove we did. and it's ridiculous for the sake of 50p to a quid, that they are not paying the balance up, when it's their own problems ( not my fault) that they couldn't collect data on the night anyway. beleive it or not we weren't supposed to record info ourselves yet they seem to act as if the onus is on us. you'd think any kind of evidence would be gladly accepted, as long as it was appropriate and i can't think of more appropriate evidence that timely pics of the smart meter on the night itself, then a 2nd source via the app.
    Name:  Screenshot_20230402_094508_Bright . kwh.jpg
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Size:  27.0 KB i attach the screenshot of the kwh info on the night, can you pass this info to the team who deal with that kind of thing to verify, and pay up the the balance as appropriate , thanks. let me know if there's any other info you need.

    i should add, the time is in UTC+1.,

    In terms of kwh, 19.30 = 0.07 and also 20.00 = 0.04 . giving a total of 0.11 kwh for the hour.
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