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    I currently pay by fixed DD - the forecast my account is showing is ridiculously high - how do I change to monthly billing and variable DD (so basically pay as you go) and in doing so will there be any negatives attached i.e. lose discount etc.
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    Hi @SirDanceALot Anasa here πŸ‘‹ I'm sorry to hear that you think your Direct Debit is a bit too high.

    We can have a look into this for you and if you'd like to cancel your Direct Debit we can do that at the same time, some tariffs have a requirement of a Direct Debit so you might not want to cancel if it means changing your plan but if you do decide to cancel we'll be able to find you another one. Don't worry there is no charge for a tariff change it just means if you have to change plans you may not be on the same rates you were before.😊
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