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    I was originally a customer of Symbio Energy and was transferred to E.ON Next around September/October 2021. During my tenure with Symbio they replaced my existing meter with a Liberty 101 SMETS2 Meter with a Toshiba SKU1 comms hub. This all worked fine with my Geo Trio II IHD until E.ON became my new provider when the IHD stopped working.

    I initially put it down to teething problems, but as it still wasn't working by November I reported this to E.ON who said they would look into it for me. I have left this with E.ON and admittedly haven't been too active in chasing them up.

    Fast forward to 14th July I received a communication from E.ON advising me to turn off my IHD for 7 days while they attempt to upgrade my meter. I did this and requested an update on the 28th July as the IHD isn't working still. I've been advised that the upgrade wasn't attempted, but reading between the lines it sounds like E.ON aren't too sure what's going on, so reaching out to the experts on here to see if anyone can help.

    Looking at the lights on the Communication Hub the follow this sequence:

    SW, WAN and HAN lights will all blink in sync every five seconds for approx 5 times. (Varies between 4-5)
    The above lights then go out and the backlight on the Liberty101 module lights up
    After 10 seconds the MESH light illuminates and stays on for approx 3 seconds
    MESH light then goes out and the process repeats

    The display on the meter shows the symbols in the attached picture.

    E.ON have offered to credit me if I purchase a Chameleon IVIE Bud, but I've got my doubts if this would work if my HAN is offline.

    Can anyone suggest any tips to help get this working?

    Btw, I should add that all other smart functionality on the meter seems to work ok. E.ON are able to take remote meter reads and update tariff information as necessary, so they seem to have connectivity with meter, its just the HAN element that seems to have failed.

    Also, when resolved, does anyone know how I can get my Gas meter added to the HAN? I have different providers for Gas/Electricity and when my electricity meter was upgrade to SMETS2 the installer didn't add the SMETS1 Gas meter to the HAN.

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    To me... This sounds like the Comms Hub doesn't seem to be detecting a gas meter. I can try to ask @PeterT_EONNext to dig deeper, but this will likely need to go to another team to resolve.
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    Hi @AndyH I'm sorry to hear of the troubles you're having with your meter.

    I'm unable to view your account from here, unless you have an online account and the email address you've used to sign up to the Community, I won't be able to see anything from here.

    It's very likely that if you've spoken to us about this previously, our metering team will have raised a ticket relating to your issue. If it's been longer than 8 weeks, we can chase this up, and to do so, you'll need to get in touch with customer services so that an Energy Specialist can have a look into this for you.

    You can find out all the ways that you can get in touch in my signature below.

    Pete 😊
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    Hi Pete,

    If you can see my email address on this forum, just remove the dot between my first and last name and search on that address instead, you should then find my account.

    My Gas meter and Electric meter have never been connected historically. When my electric meter was exchanged for a SMETS2 meter, the gas meter was left as SMETS1 as my electricity and gas are supplied by different companies.

    It was annoying, but the IHD previously worked fine without the gas meter being part of the HAN. I understood it was a limitation I'd only be able to view/monitor my electricity usage and accepted this.

    Since EON took over, I have not been able to monitor anything.
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    Thanks for that @AndyH I can see your account now.

    I can see that a ticket has been raised with the Smart Data Communications Company on 4th August, we have to allow up to 14 days from this date to hear back about what the connection problem seems to be.

    I can see that our Smart Team are monitoring this for you, so you should hear something very soon about what the next steps are if we're unable to remotely fix your in home display issue.

    ​​​​​​​Pete 😊