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  • Final EBSS Voucher not received.
    Hi @Silentmist Anasa here πŸ‘‹ I'm sorry to hear you've not received your voucher. 😞 I'm just checking in to see if there's an update? I can see that... see more
  • Estimated Read - strange?
    @retrotecchie Very appropriate naming them after our new King and Queen.πŸ‘ 🀣🀣 see more
  • Estimated Read - strange?
    @retrotecchie Trouble and even more trouble more like it. Their Mum will be around to beat you up soon.! see more
  • Estimated Read - strange?
    @Tommysgirl ​​​​​​​Pro tem, I've given them names. The boy is now Charles and the girl is called Camilla. Chas and Camel for short. πŸ˜‰πŸ±πŸ± see more
  • We can ask EoN for the truly renewable future
    It is reported that the next meeting in Dubai is in danger of letting the world carry on with business as usual for long enough for the Paris 1.5C... see more
  • Estimated Read - strange?
    @retrotecchie It doesn't matter about the photo being upside down. I turned the laptop around, and they do look really cute.😺😺 see more
  • Estimated Read - strange?
    @Tommysgirl ​​​​​​​They are a bit cute. I'll try and upload a photo later πŸ‘β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹ Why upside down, I have no clue! ​​​​​​​ see more
  • Eonnext app
    Still having problems with app some days usuage comes through but other days not see more
  • Estimated Read - strange?
    @retrotecchie I received a 'rogue' estimated gas meter reading on my account in February for no apparent reason. I've been sending manual... see more
  • Eonnext app
    Hey @Patricia789 😊 Hannah here πŸ‘‹ how are things looking now? Have you deleted and reinstalled the app? see more
  • Final call!! Prepayment EBSS Vouchers
    Have you got a Prepayment meter? Have you claimed all of your EBSS vouchers? Gone were the days of EBSS? You were wrong! The Government has... see more
  • Estimated Read - strange?
    @Mailman I'm not overly bothered...I've been in credit for the last six months and am still in credit now so they haven't actually had to take a... see more
  • Mistake in meter readings is costing me money
    Hey @jfsmale 😊 Hannah here πŸ‘‹ - Uh-huh! Please try not to worry, because we can get those readings sorted for you πŸ™‚. As @meldrewreborn kindly... see more
  • July 1st price cap
    ​​​​​​​I believe this is the case 😎 see more
  • Estimated Read - strange?
    @retrotecchie Not sure if what I am going to say helps but the same thing happens (sort of) even with my smart meter reads. I know my smart... see more
  • Estimated Read - strange?
    I usually submit my meter reading on the last day of each month. However, when I look at my account, the bill is calculated to the previous day,... see more
  • New Cable?
    For completness, and to help others that might be searching the forum in the future... The IHD draws a few mA. The supply capability of a phone... see more
  • July 1st price cap
    Morning @Johnh1995 🌞 Hannah here πŸ‘‹ - there must have been a little confusion on our side of what's happened here 🀨. Other than the Next Loyalty... see more
  • New Cable?
    Thanks @WizzyWigg for mentioning that - sometimes the fuses can blow if the amperage is exceeded ⚑. If there is nothing wrong with the IHD and... see more
  • Seg tariff rate when will it be increased?
    That 3p is a "what is the lowest which we might get away with number" unrelated to last week's wholesale electricity price, which I understand was... see more
  • Government vouchers
    Indeed. That's an awful lot of customers on prepayment meters who (according to charities) can ill afford to miss out on that money. I'd... see more
  • Fit a new gas boiler?
    @Mailman My boiler is 34 years old, very reliable, but not as efficient as current models. I'd need a system boiler as my thermal solar panel... see more
  • Government vouchers
    Households on prepayment meters claim your Energy Bills Support vouchers by 30 June. Β£130 million of government support left to claim. More... see more
  • Fit a new gas boiler?
    Having talked it over with SWMBO, we are both of the opinion that we will keep going with our fossil boiler until the day when it decides its had... see more