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  • Gas meter not sending readings
    Our gas meter has never sent a reading since being installed by eon in November. It sends a signal to the IHD monitor so I can see how much I am... see more
  • Upgrading pre-payment Electric meter to SMART
    Hi Anasa. I gave up in the end after being told so many different reasons why I couldn't have a smart meter. The last reason I was told was that... see more
  • smart meter not working since moving over to eon next
    Morning vanquish Hannah here 👋. Taking over from PeterT_EONNext 😊. Completely, we need to get this sorted once and for all really! I'm just going... see more
  • Broken Gas Meter
    PeterT_EONNext, I'm pinging this again. I'm still not any closer to a resolution. I complained in early December, but haven't had a response. I... see more
  • MY IHD doesn't work after install
    P5ULK Amazing news! 👽 Keep us updated see more
  • smart meter not working since moving over to eon next
    @PeterT_EONNext, another month and no readings again. Can you give it another kick? Is there anything we can do so that I don't need to bug you every... see more
  • Alternative Fuel Payment
    Is there any word from Eon as to how this is to be applied, i.e. will it be a credit to the account, or a payment to the direct debit account? ... see more
  • changing name on account
    hi bennie i have got someone to notify E-on of changes any idea what happens now just i have not heard anything back yet mind its only been a week... see more
  • Prices of Gas
    And don’t forget that over 45% of our electricity is gas generated, and so the increase in the generation of electricity needed in the UK alone is... see more
  • Upgrading pre-payment Electric meter to SMART
    Good evening Flash Anasa here 👋 I'm just checking it to see if you're still thinking of having a prepayment smart meter or if its something that you... see more
  • Prices of Gas
    @retrotecchie The population of Southhampton appears to be 262000 where I looked up census figures. Their total power consumption should make a... see more
  • One year on
    Wow that's amazing! @retrotecchie Thank you so much for sharing! It's great news that your domestic usage has gone right down! Love how you're so... see more
  • Prices of Gas
    One need not be so pessimistic about all the necessary decreases to waste. Today it was sunny, so I completely recharged my electric bicycle... see more
  • MY IHD doesn't work after install
    Engineer came out today and had to complete a full software download, and reboot, i have not been home yet so i will let you know if all is working... see more
  • One year on
    And another little 'bonus' I happened upon today, and this will interest you @Anasa_EONNext, following our behind the scenes conversations on... see more
  • How long does this take?
    Hiya @Rob3 👋 - I did indeed feed this back in November, I am so sorry that things are still at a standstill 🤔. I fed this back again this... see more