Meter Certification - Do I need my meter replaced?

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    Hey Everyone,

    We have been looking into how we can inform our customers & members, on why we replace meters when they become of a certain age, we call this a meter certification date. I have seen some questions in the past about Eon Next contacting customers to have the meter changed. Hopefully this can help answer those questions.

    More on this below 👇

    What is meter certification?

    The easiest way to explain this is, Gas and Electric meters have a 'best before date' which is known as the 'certification date. This date is set by the Office for Product Safety and Standard, OPSS for short. As we approach the certification date, we have a legal obligation to change that meter.

    How do I know my meter needs to be replaced? 📅

    We hold data on all the meters that we supply energy to, this is also on the National Database. Once a meter has passed its certification date. we’ll send you a letter or email asking you to get in touch to book a free meter exchange appointment. A way of checking how old your meter is - The first 2 digits of the serial number, often indicate that was the year your meter was manufactured.

    Do I need to have my energy meters replaced? ⚡🔥

    Yes, under governmental regulation (The Electricity Act 1989) we’re required to replace your meters.

    Why should I have my meter replaced?

    Meters over time might not be as accurate as they once were. It's really important we measure usage as accurately as possible. Due to the risk that your meter might not measure your usage accurately once its certification date has passed is where our legal obligation to change that meter comes into play, we must replace any old meter with new ones. Something I have noticed with this is people believe the meters become dangerous, this isn't the case. It's purely down to the fact that there is potential for the meter to stop working correctly meaning we could bill you too much or too little for the energy that you use.

    What if only one of my meters needs replacing? 🤔

    If we supply both your electricity and gas we’ll replace both of your meters, even if only one has passed its certification date. We will, where possible, replace your old meters with a smart meter.This is inline with rules set by Ofgem around meter replacement. The New and Replacement Obligation (NRO) requires energy suppliers to take all reasonable steps to install smart meters for customers where possible.

    For example if you are eligible for a Smart Meter we would only replace your expired meter with new Smart Meter. Smart meters come with benefits. They send us your meter readings automatically and show you your energy use, on an in-home display (IHD).

    Do I have to pay to have my meters replaced? 🤑

    No, It's completely free, there is no charge for having your meters replaced under the meter certification process.

    Will my tariff or payment arrangement change if I have a smart meter? 🛑

    There will be no changes to tariffs or payment types. Lets say if you're on pay as you go, you will remain on pay as you go. You would be able to top up online instead of using your payment key, saving you having to take a trip to your local shop to top up. The only thing that will change is your physical meter, old for new.

    To summarise,

    We will write to anyone who needs to have their meters changed, we are also calling customers to advise, below are the numbers being used. This should help people realise these calls are legit and from Eon Next

    01443-544990 - This is the number that will show on your phone
    01443544985 - This is the number that we put in Text Messages (SMS) for customers to call us back.
    01443544984 - Will be in some email communications

    I think it's really important in this day and age that our bills are accurate. That's the biggest thing for me, is knowing that my bills are correct month to month. I had read previously about health and safety and the meters aren't safe etc, I have mentioned this above however to reiterate the meters are safe, this is purely down to accuracy etc. We would really like to avoid catch up bills or you having to chase us for refunds. You should pay accurately for the energy you use in your home, no more, no less.

    Feel free to tag away in the comments below, we will always get back to you.

    Here are some useful links about the Meter Certification - The guidance on this is also below.Government Certification Guidance -

    Electricity Act 1989 -

    Electricity meter certification

    Legally manufacture meters which are of the design originally approved and ensure they are verified to operate within the statutory limits.

    Electricity Act 1989

    An Act to provide for the appointment and functions of a Director General of Electricity Supply and of consumers’ committees for the electricity supply industry; to make new provision with respect to the supply of electricity through electric lines and the generation and transmission of electricity for such supply; to abolish the Electricity Consumers’ Council and the Consultative Councils established under the Electricity Act 1947; to provide for the vesting of the property, rights and liabilities of the Electricity Boards and the Electricity Council in companies nominated by the Secretary of State
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    I'd quite gladly have my meter swapped, but I really don't want a smart meter. I know all the arguments, but I don't want one. Many will , rightly or wrongly, see the time expired meter change as forcing them onto a smart meter when they don't want that.

    I recognise that smart meters are the only game in town as far as manufacture is concerned, but is there any technical reason why a smart meter cannot be installed without a communication hub, which very definitely would then behave as a traditional meter? I'd go for that.
    Current Eon Next customer, ex EDF, Zog and Symbio. Don't think dual fuel saves money and don't like smart meters. Chronologically Gifted. If I offend let me know by private message, but I’ll continue to express my opinions nonetheless.
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    Likewise, I have no need or want of a smart meter and although my electricity meter is chronologically gifted (early 2000s), E.On don't operate in my area and the technical reason smart meters don't work here is there is simply no coverage. Telefonica will not go to the trouble or expense of installing a 'metering' node just for a dozen customers spread out over ten square miles and there is no longer any 3G anywhere as both companies in the area (Vodafone and EE) have long since switched off 3G.

    I'd be happy with a new meter, without the hub but apparently that is not usually an option.
    Don't shoot me, I'm only the piano player. I DON'T work for or on behalf of EON.Next, but am willing to try and help if I can. Not on mains gas, mobile network or mains drainage. House heated almost entirely by baby dragons.
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    @meldrewreborn @retrotecchie

    I've had constant issues with mine failing to send meter readings in to Eon Next. My gas meter went dumb again in April, and my electricity meter failed to send in the May reading, so I'm back to having to send both readings in manually every month again. My next door neighbours had exactly the same problems, and eventually had their meters replaced a couple of weeks ago, but their brand new electricity one has failed to send a smart reading in already.
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    Don't want a smart meter either.

    However, have you updated the phone number you use?

    Whenever EonNext contact me about a smart meter, they've used a Cardiff number (02992)
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    @gbhxu This number is for the above campaign, which will be specific to the meter certification campaign, a generic smart campaign might have a different number.

    Have you had any communication about your meter reaching the end of it's life span??
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    @meldrewreborn @retrotecchie
    I've had constant issues with mine failing to send meter readings in to Eon Next. My gas meter went dumb again in April, and my electricity meter failed to send in the May reading, so I'm back to having to send both readings in manually every month again. My next door neighbours had exactly the same problems, and eventually had their meters replaced a couple of weeks ago, but their brand new electricity one has failed to send a smart reading in already.

    I must be blessed - gas/elec meters have been read by DCC on schedule for yonks now. The last time I needed to submit a manual read was October 2022. I now wait until the end of the scheduled read pull date (anniverary joinging date happens to be the 1st of the month) and it can be as late as 2300. For your next read wait as long as possible (i.e. 2330) before submitting a manual read.

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    @meldrewreborn If I was to come across a customer who felt they were being forced into a smart meter, I would try to reassure them and go from there. For me it's the accuracy when it comes to billing.

    I want to open my bill and be confident it's spot on and accurate. Having a meter that's towards the end of life compromises that.

    I completely understand and appreciate your comment @meldrewreborn 😊