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    If your bill suggests that you can save by switching tariffs be aware. My bill suggested a saving of £93.30 but following my request for the calculations this was reduced to £2.00. Furthermore the suggested tariff was fixed for 12 months whereas my existing tariff is due to reduce in April [being linked to wholesale energy prices].

    E-on were very dismissive when I suggested this could be considered sharp practice because some customers may take its suggestions at face value and inadvertently switch to a dearer tariff.
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    Hey @Rambo14 thanks for taking the time to post.

    What I usually recommend is that customers look at the difference in price per kWh rather than an overall figure or fixed monthly amount as this would always be "estimated" based on your previous usage, as we have no way to tell how much energy you would use in future.

    If your readings have previously been estimated, when you give an actual reading your annual estimate could change depending if you've used more or less than predicted. It's always best to make sure you submit a regular monthly reading to ensure your account stays up to date and accurate.

    Also if you think your estimated annual consumption (EAC) is wrong you can get in touch with an energy specialist to request that we do a manual calculation to ensure that your direct debit is accurate. 😊
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    You are correct that we should be aware.

    We discussed similar to this recently here

    All I would add is that in your particular case your tariff may be predicted to reduce in April but things can change quickly to alter energy prices so it is possible that it may even rise in April.

    If only we knew for sure.
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    Thank you for your response.

    However please note :-

    1. E.on quoted a very misleading saving of £93.30 when the actual saving was only £2.00.
    2. There was nothing on the Statement to suggest that this was just an indicative quotation and that the customer should undertake further research.
    3. No mention was made that wholesale prices [on which my current tariff is based] are likely to fall in April. Being an energy provider E.on would have been fully aware of this widely accepted fact.

    E.on seem un-prepered to take my concerns seriously which I find very surprising.
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    As I previously said, I agree we should be aware. How much information should be on the statement about cheaper tariffs? It could always be better but I’m not sure they should mention energy price predictions. When the next price cap has actually been announced then that’s a different matter.

    On my statement it says that it MIGHT be worth THINKING ABOUT changing supplier and that I COULD save such and such by switching [my capitals for emphasis]. It’s all a bit woolly.

    You could always raise a customer complaint by emailing and if you don’t get a satisfactory response after eight weeks you could raise the issue to the ombudsman.

    My guess is that they are fulfilling a minimum requirement but the truth is I don’t know. I wish you good luck if you take this forward and if it results in tariff change information being clearer then that will be a job well done.
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    Are all energy suppliers obliged to tell all customers of tariff options available to them especially when it comes to the end of fixed tariffs? Or can they get away with giving customers no potentially misleading information at all?

    As my fixed price tariff ends on 31st March, Eon Next have informed me of the tariffs (available to me NOW) within the switching/transfer window if I was to switch product within Eon Next. They have given me £ total yearly spend based on EAC (Estimated Annual Consumption). The fixed price tariff products are likely to be quite close for £ over 12,15,24 months and I have no truck with the monthly equivalents based on the EAC. Of course the 2 non-fixed tariffs 'on offer' only state the CURRENT tariff rates which is to be expected. I therefore have no problem with Eon Next caveating such information with what @JoeSoap sees on his statements.

    Additional wording would be to clearly state for both the variable Ofgem cap-based products (such as Next Flex and Next Pledge) words to the effect 'Note for this product there will be price changes on this tariff every 3 months so these £ prices quoted assume 12 months at the current rate'

    Just checking what I see on my renewals it states for Next Pledge 'Our Next Pledge fixed 1 year tracker tariff guarantees that your prices will always be £50 a year lower than the Ofgem price cap*. We'll update your prices automatically every three months.' Not sure what else they need to say.

    On Next Flex 'Our flexible tariff, where prices can go up or down with the wholesale market'. Maybe they should state 'in line with the Ofgem price cap instead of 'wholesale market'

    Inplicit in both these two non-fixed tariffs is the fact that prices will change rendering the Eon Next quotes for these 2 products somewhat useless for comparison (unless you have a hotline to Mystic Meg 😄). Perhaps an additional 'at current rates' after the words annual cost in the £ projection i.e annual cost at current rates would satisfy all.
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    i suspect that many customers would not understand the nuances of all this . There are still many customers who’ve never switched or taken a fixed price contract. The more simplification is used, the more likely customers will misunderstand it all. It’s a no win.
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    Eon Next are prompting customers into recognising that there are other options. Doing your own research and computations are necessary.
    I personally think that you are making too much of this - there is only a suggestion that you can save, and even a full quotation wouldn’t guarantee anything regarding total annual cost given consumption can vary.
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    I'm a reasonably intelligent person and had I not got a suspicious nature [I worked for many years in the financial services industry!] I could have been sucked into switching to a more expensive and locked in tariff. My concern is that more vulnerable and less cautious members of the public could take E.on's comments at face value.