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    Can someone advise,

    I was just an unhappy EON customer. I have been transferred to EON Next.
    Today we have had that lovely email from EON next welcoming us to the fold.

    My Smart meter has become much less smart, it now only displays the energy used. Its lost the tariff details. I assume that this is because it's connected to EON, not the new company EON Next.

    The metre was installed by EON do I assume that he meter will remain dumb until I moved to a billing company that supports smart meters.

    Thanks In Advance

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    @Gunnie47 Hi there.

    I'm a passing forum volunteer who mainly helps out on another forum for my actual energy supplier and I'm not with E.On myself. However, I've been granted permission to help out here as well and both sides know that I'm active on both forums. Please note that I'm not a member of E.On staff, so I can't access your account or make any changes. But I am a dab hand at puzzle solving.

    I can try to figure out when your meters might reconnect, but I'll first need to identify what you've got. Please could you post some photos of your Smart Meters and In-Home Display in your next reply for me? Once I've seen those, I can identify exactly what you've got and give a rough estimate of when they'll go live again. What I can also say is that if they're SMETS2, they may take up to six weeks to fully reconnect and pull down the tariff data again. If it's a SMETS1, then it might take a bit longer, but I've got notes in my personal archives and on some resources I bookmarked which I can use to give a rough estimate.

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