Using E.ON Next Smart Meters to track your energy usage

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    Meet Yannick & Ellie.

    Yannick and Ellie are E.ON Next customers who discuss how they use their in home energy display to track their usage of individual appliances. Using this information they can make more informed choices when buying new appliances and how often to use the current ones.

    Yannick and Ellie focus on what appliance uses what, and how they can cut that usage down to help them understand where their cost of energy comes from. Have you also taken this approach?

    For me personally, we've made more energy efficient choices when making new purchases - all most all of our bigger kitchen appliances are grade A 😊

    Seeing the usage increase when using certain appliances can help you to better manage your energy usage of that particular appliance in future. You can make smarter decisions when load-shifting through energy saving events like #Powerswitch resulting in an overall lower bill too!

    Last week, we met Julia and Nik. Click here to watch that video 👉 Meet Julia and Nik
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