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    Hi, we’re having some work done & are considering relocating the electric meter from the hall to an adjacent room. Is this something eon, as our electric supplier would be able to do? If it is, roughly what would the cost be?
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    First important question. Where is your consumer unit relative to the meter? If the meter is moved so that the length of cable between the meter and consumer unit exceeds 2m then an additional fuse-protected isolator switch will need to be provided.

    Your DNO will need to do any work between the incoming cable and disconnect and the meter itself but unless it is a critical safety safety repair such as a blown DNO fuse or damaged cable the DNO will need to have the supplier raise a work order with them as they will not undertake such works for a householder.

    You will need to get your own electrician in to carry out any work downstream on the meter and/or safety isolation switch. They may also need to work on any earthing provision necessary. The only people that can legally move the meter are your supplier or their authorised contractors, so your first port of call would be E.On Next customer services. If you have an old-style non-smart meter, it is likely that if they carry out any work, they would insist on upgrading you to a smart meter but that might be an issue if there are signal strength problems at the new proposed location. If it's further inside the property, then that will need to be taken into account.

    The last meter move I was involved with a year or so ago cost around £480 all in, but it was the coordination between supplier, DNO and the electrician (me!) that was more of a workup than the actual pennies

    Here is a rough guide from Checkatrade:
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    No it’s not an Eon Next task, more likely for your regional network operators.
    @retrotecchie can give chapter and verse.
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    Thanks for replying 😊

    The cable, meter and consumer unit are with a few inches of eachother. The supply cable comes out of the concrete floor, attaches to a black box (DNO fuse?). The meter is directly next to the black box and the Consumer Unit is directly above. All of these components are attached to a piece of board that’s about 12” by 16”. The timber board is attached to a wall & we’re considering (it’s not essential, would just tidy the hall up a little) having it moved to the other side of this wall (a bedroom) & having it boxed in. It’ll need to be moved less than 1 meter from its current location, would I need to contact our DNO & have you any idea what the cost might be.

    Kipper x
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    You'd need to contact E.On Next and they would need to organise any works with the DNO. They would be able to give you some idea of the cost but I can't give you any help there, other than it will need to be paid for by yourself, unless there are mitigating circumstances but you would need to discuss that with them.
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    Hello @Kipper 😀, some great advice by some of our members here. @retrotecchie, @meldrewreborn are correct, the DNO will have to move a meter anything other than 1m away as this is considered a major meter move. The DNO will attend first and move cabling and pipework. Once done we will then attend to re-site the meter to the desired position. The cost of a meter move is £157.86 per meter. Have you spoken to an Energy Specialist? They will be able to talk you through the process in greater detail 😁
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