Endless tv and radio ads

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  • Unwoke's Avatar
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    Might it not be an idea to stop burnishing your PC and Green credentials, cancel the enormous advertising budget and pass the resultant savings onto your customers?
    What is the intended benefit to Eon from this expenditure? To attract new customers (unlikely) or to make yourselves look more community friendly and less exploitative?
    I’ve been through the same experience with Cooperative Bank; they’ve lost my business.
    Concentration on customer service would achieve better results.
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  • Mailman's Avatar
    Level 58
    TV and radio ads just go straight over my head on the rare accasions I'm watching live TV and use them as an excuse for a toilet break, a tea break or to let the cat in etc. To be fair to Eon Next they are not the only energy supplier or energy producer or manufacturer or service provider that some/many describe as being guilty of greenwashing. I have no truck with Eon Next as a supplier on price. Ditto with Customer Service although I admit to having had a trouble free ride with them for over 2 years. Calls to them have been remarkably fast and have been able to carry out my requests WRT to tariff changes. There are plenty of horror stories re smart meters and erroneous billing but are these reported cases the 'tip of the iceberg' or just the 'normal' issues that arise with all energy suppliers? I make no judgement on the scale of such Customer Service issues but thankfully I've not had issues with either. 👍