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    Surely renewable electricity should be provided for everyone, regardless of which tariff they are on. Why make people pay more if they are not on the tariff that eon want you to have? In my view its not about saving the planet, more like lining the pockets of multi million pound companies.
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    Evening @Zrzrzrzr

    I'm Deb one of the community coordinators it's nice to virtually meet you!

    You've raised a good question here Zrzrzrzr 😊 This thread: Fix your tariff with E.ON Next and get 100% renewable electricity this will help answer some of your questions around the changes and also some of the exciting things we are working towards 🍃
    "Green is the prime colour of the world and that from which it's loveliness arises"-Pedro Calderon De La Barca 🌳

    Do you have an urgent account specific query? Get in touch with our energy specialists who can help you, you can find our contact info 👉 HERE 👈

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    Can you elaborate please?
    I'm an Eon Next dual fuel customer with no particular expertise but have some time on my hands that I am using to try and help out a bit.
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    @JoeSoap Just had an email stating my energy bills are increasing, no surprise there,but in the email, eon have said that because I'm on Next Flex tarrif, they will no longer be providing 100% renewable electricity. Confusing, as I thought eon were committed to provide renewable energy no matter which tariff you were on.
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    But surely your energy bills are increasing because you're on Next Flex variable tariff and that will shift with the price cap. I'm not sure what renewable has to do with it and presume you have access to a fixed DD tariff where you can benefit from fixed prices at a lower cost. There are lots of tariffs across lots of suppliers from which you can choose.
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    @Zrzrzrzr. You are correct in that Eon next used to supply 100% renewable energy (backed by certificates from the generators) but no longer provide that assurance.

    It always was a bit of a nonsense really as it did nothing to encourage renewable generation beyond that already available. Realistically generation from wind solar and biomass might be considered renewable, while nuclear and gas generation are not. But we can’t manage the electricity supply system solely on renewable generation, and there is no separate renewable network, we all get a mix of all the generation methods in the electricity we consume.
    so the commitment has been considerably narrowed - fixed price tariffs constitute less than 20% of domestic consumption, so easier to deliver (and cheaper) for Eon Next.
    its really debatable whether you price change has any measurable linkage to fixed or variable pricing. It’s noticeable that all these superficially attractive fixed price offers appear just as the expectation that variable prices will go down sharply in April and then again in July becomes apparent. I for one have never bought on the basis of green credentials either.
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