Smart meter with solar panel

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    Long story short e-on want me to have a smart meter and i didn't want one.
    But i am now considering it providing the smart meter will read my solar panels, I have read a few thing that say that the e-on setup doesn't not include solar usage etc, just want get my info before making the jump so any input welcome

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    I can’t help I’m afraid but I’ll tag @LeeDQ_EONNext as he has an interest in solar panels/FIT/SEG and may be able to advise you on this.
    I'm an Eon Next dual fuel customer with no particular expertise but have some time on my hands that I am using to try and help out a bit.
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    @m0v1em4n Hopefully I can help here.

    Some smart meters can read solar, it's not something ive seen for a while in a domestic house, if you have heard of the rent a roof scheme? Years ago we would be able to 'poll' reads, however we're talking about thousands of sites.

    Back to your system and question. So our app doesn't work with FIT or SEG, can I ask what scheme you're part of? or is this a new install?

    By smart meter do you mean the in home display unit? Some do read the solar & some dont, I know the ivie bud is marketed as it reads the solar. Here is the link -

    If you can give me some more information I will be able to help, this subject can be a bit of a rabbit hole so the more info I have here the better, 😀
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    Hi Thanks for your reply
    Yes was hoping that it would show on the smart display or app, I know that the old SMET1 units probably wouldn't be incompatible but from what I have read the SMET2 unit do have compatibility, I have also read that e-on was the one company that was not very up on the solar integration,
    Just for info i have solar panels but the inverter is in the loft which make it difficult tho take reading, I don't own the system i just get to use what i can and the rest is feed back to the grid and the payback goes to some one else ( Council ) but it would be nice to know what the solar panels save me.