No FiT payments for over a year

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    we haven't had any FiT payments for over a year and I am trying to find someone to help me with it. Their email keeps bouncing back as full inbox. The social media bot is no use and I'm now gearing myself up to try and speak to someone by phone...

    Contract still has 15 years. Usually get a payment in December and July. Had nothing this year and nothing December 2022. I need to get onto my digital banking to check further back. We've had no statements or letters either.

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    @Catriona No problem at all, I've sorted the back payment for you.

    If you email when your next read is due, you shouldn't have this issue. If you want you can let me know when you do and I will keep an eye on it.

    The old emails are no longer in use, our emails are
    Did you know that we're open 24/7 across our Social Media Channels? There are lots of ways to contact us over
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    I'd give them no slack on this and move to a different provider if they have not got at least as far as a sensible reply to an email enquiry to by the end of the week.
    I like Ecotricity, and there are plenty of other providers who could do your FIT and gas and electricity, if EoN doesn't want to. I wouldn't bother over the phone as they might be busier than average with the cold weather, and by email you get it in writing with a legally valid date stamp.
    Ecotricity emailed to my usual mailbox for 'microtricity' that they'll be paying me imminently (which is on time) for one of the summer quarters, so Ofgem have been passing through payments in the expected timescales, at least as far as the biller offices who are meant to pay you (quarterly) for your generation by the end of November. If you are with a service provider who can't do that then switch provider.

    Do please check your records. Having no smart meter, I look at my FIT generation meter once every three months, click a link in an email from the provider, and type in a meter number (kWh). My rooftop solar has generated more than 22000 kWh since it was installed. Without such a number, nobody can calculate how much to pay you because they don't know how much you generated. Therefore you should log in to your online account and see the dates and meter values on record for you. If there has been a mixup and this years' readings got lost or never sent then you'll find a reading dated last year, and should type in your present reading now. If you don't have an internet computer then try asking what can they do? It will be two or three months before the next payments from Ofgem go through and payouts to FIT occur, at which you should get a largish payment for more than a whole year since the generation meter number which you last got paid up until.
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    I will sort this for you, I have popped you a DM. I will need to take you through security first. If you can send me an upto date reading and the date you took it that would be great along with your account details.

    If you took the read today or tomorrow it's fine, I will get you paid to that read. With regards to the email being full, can I ask are you emailing or the old FIT maillbox? Which I think is I might be off with that, it's been a while since I used that one.

    You wont have to wait until the next quarter, I will get that payment made to you. The payment will also backdate to the last read you were paid too.

    I will sort this for you.
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    Thanks Lee, I've seen your DM and replied. I was indeed using the old email address. Cheers for replying quickly
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    @wizzo227 thanks for your reply and advice. We've never had any trouble with Eon before and we're on an excellent fixed tariff so lots of reasons to stay currently. The email address I have been using turns out to be the old one. Since my post someone has reached out so hopefully they can fix it. Having read a lot recently about the move to Eon Next, it looks like they've got themselves in a bit of a mess. Will keep your advice in mind just in case!
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    @Catriona No trouble, Next reading window is March, we would also like a reading on the 31st of March if that's ok. Just for the tariff change on April 1st 😀