Can Someone Help Me Understand The New Tarrifs

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    I just beenw watching the GMB with Martin Lewis and he mentions the new set of Tarrifs by E-ON Next currently I am on the following

    ElectricityNext Loyalty Fixed v4

    Fixed term ends 22/07/2024
    28.95 p/kWh 49.57 p/day

    (All rates inc. VAT)


    Next Loyalty Fixed v4
    Fixed term ends 22/07/2024
    7.31 p/kWh 23.08 p/day

    (All rates inc. VAT)

    I pay £209 a month but don't use that much depends Electric varies from £131-£142 and Gas is £60 this month compared to what I have been paying which was £25 now it's getting cold. My 5 year old son is dependant on a Ventilator and other equipment to be on charge at all times for when going out, comparing the new tarrifs its lower but day charge is higher ??? I generally feel it's pointless for me to change and just save £19 a month when it goes up in Jan 2024.
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    I think the consensus is to stay put, the new flex rates will reflect the OFGEM price cap from January which are a 5% increase to current flex rates.

    There were some different tariffs available a little while ago which dramatically reduced tariffs for those in great need perhaps @Mailman can point those out for you

    Whether you would qualify or not would have to be assessed.
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    Have a look at this page

    If you are ineligible for either of the support packages in the link, staying on v4 will give you price certainty for the next 8 to 9 months. Whether to stay or go to another tariff is a decision only you can make.
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    Hi @Nakatomi

    Just checking in!

    Did you manage to have a look at what tariffs were available/change to another tariff since posting here?

    Let us know how you got on 😊
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