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    As the saying goes there is No place like home 🏠 and during the colder months we tend to spend more time at home unless we're lucky enough to be able to jet off to somewhere warmer! Chances are though we'll be at home and getting winter ready.

    Over the past few years with Covid more people worked from home and continued to do so, then the energy crisis it has naturally pushed people to think more about their energy and not take it for granted.

    I for one definitely dusted off my IHD and actually paid attention to how it worked and got curious about where I could save energy and where I use the most energy - working in the Energy industry for over 20 years and passing out many energy saving tips over the years I finally made the time to take note of these myself and put these tips into action.

    So the big question is... How Smart is your home? And could you be doing more?

    What is a smart home anyway? You may ask...

    A smart home usually uses devices connected to the internet to control things in your home, such as smart thermostat to control your heating, maybe Alexa to help with your lights and these things can be controlled in your home and out of your home so no more worrying if you left a light on or if you left the heating on as you can control it from your smart phone or tablet.

    Here are some more examples:

    Smart speakers
    Smart displays
    Smart TVs
    Smart kitchen appliances
    Smart washing machine
    And last but not least a Smart meter

    All of these items can help you reduce your energy, cut down on your utility bills just by having them at your fingers tips to control and monitor at your convenience wherever you are. Smart homes can make life easier and convenient.

    Thinking about a smart meter?

    There are lot's of great reasons to have a smart meter installed for Pay As You Go it could be the convenience of being able to top up from your Smart phone as well as being able to track you usage and see what's being used. It could be that you're not able to read your meters or prefer them to be updated automatically. Is a smart meter right for you is a smart meter right for you?

    We've got lots of handy tips to help you get winter ready!

    Thinking about a new boiler? Get your boiler winter ready
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