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    Solar Panels - Thoughts and Experiences
    Solar System:

    1. 305W all-black Mono PV Panels (12).
    2. SolarEdge PV inverter.
    3. SolarEdge Optimisers.
    4. SolaX AC-connected 1-phase battery inverter
    5. SolaX 4.5 kWh Triple Power battery.
    6. Ofgem approved electrical generation meter.
    7. System Power 3.66kWp
    8. Internet Connection – Direct to hub/router

    Supporting Apps:
    Solar Edge Monitoring
    Eon Home
    Eon Solar
    System Installation date:
    February 2020
    Install Time:
    2 days
    Roof facing directly south. Small shadow areas at varying times of the day.
    Having this system is without doubt one of the best decisions I have made.
    The installation was very quick and once the connection to the grid and the internet is complete the system is immediately up and running.
    The system does not require full sunshine to generate power and as long as the weather is bright it will still generate. On days where the cloud is very thick and grey the system does not generate.
    The maximum power generation we have seen from the system in one day is 26kWh. Our maximum power requirement is around 9.0kWh (not including charging the EV).
    Even on bright days with cloud cover the system will easily generate more than we need.
    Any power generated above our requirement is exported back to the grid. We use Eon’s Smart Export Guarantee Scheme enabling us to be paid for any power exported back to the grid (currently 16.5p/kWh).
    The system is not power cut proof as it does require power from the grid to power the inverters and associated equipment.
    The system has saved us a significant sum of money since installation, especially since the price of fuel has skyrocketed.
    I have included some pictures of our smart meter screen and the apps for information.
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    Smart meter reading for 17/07/23
    Our daily standing charge is currently 51.4p
    Weather cloudy with sunny intervals
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    Solar Edge Monitoring App – Typical screen

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    Eon Home App – Typical screen
    I will post a thread on an Air Source Heat pump shortly.
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    Hi Lee
    The Solar Edge apps are available in App Store, Google Play and Microsoft Store You will need the location number of your Solar Edge system and have a solar edge account.
    in App Store and Google Play it is called mySolarEdge. On Microsoft Store it is Solar Edge Monitoring.
    The apps show daily, monthly, yearly and lifetime production in real time. It also shows graph of current production. If gives Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly production comparisons.
    It also shows COs Emissions saved and Equivalent trees planted.
    A nice feature shows each panels real time production
    It also has things like Inverter status inverter communications and Solar Edge Support.
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    @P962c How do you find the Solar Edge App? Does the app have all the information you need? Interesting being able to see this in the real world, I've only seen it being presented as part of a presentation.
    Did you know that we're open 24/7 across our Social Media Channels? There are lots of ways to contact us over