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    The Demand Flexibility Service has now closed for winter 2022/23, keep an eye out for future Flexibility initiatives.

    Thanks for taking part in our first ever energy saving events scheme for the National Grid’s Demand Flexibility Service - protecting UK energy security and keeping our electricity cleaner.

    I thought I'd share some of the fantastic achievements and some highlights that we made together this winter:

    Did you know...👀

    The amount our customers saved over the 12 events was 246204.47kWh and that is enough energy to watch a 50W TV for 562 years! 📺

    Or you could drive around the world 🌍 41 times in an electric vehicle! 🏎

    Total customers who took part.

    With such an incredible amount of energy saved, it’s no wonder a whopping 144,878 E.ON Next customers took part. In our biggest energy saving event so far, 88,408 of you wonderful Nexties came together to take part at once. Great teamwork everyone!

    Highest rewards earned by a single customer.

    Huge congratulations to our top energy savers:

    • The highest reward earned in a single event was an incredible £75.
    • Our top saver over all 12 events managed to earn £263.68.

    Just goes to show that saving energy can really add up, making a big difference to your annual energy bills.

    Top 3 energy saving communities.


    Don’t worry if you missed out this time round, you can book your smart meter installation online to take part in any future events and rewards.
    'The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members’

    Did you know that we're open 24/7 across our Social Media Channels? There are lots of ways to contact us over here!📣

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    Evening @Anasa_EONNext
    It looks like E.on Next had a good result, well done.
    There is one question though, what happened to those like myself who were invited and registered to take part. Knowingly achieved their goal in their own mind, using their own methodology, but never got any further communication from E.on Next to acknowledge their saving. The last communication I ever received was this email h/w. I did try and follow it up but to no avail. C'est la vie. 🤔
    Admittedly I only got one invite. I must have been very naughty.
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    Good evening @WizzyWigg 👋 it was a great result for our first ever energy saving scheme! Good question 🤔I think a lot of people were in the same boat as you and felt a bit lost with lack of communication. I shall pass on your feedback for improvements for next time and if there is any further information out there for those in your boat I'll pop back on to share with you!

    We'll work on any feedback provided to make it even better for next time! 😊
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    I see you are highlighting the installation of new smart meters. Could I ask when the many older generation meters already fitted are going to be released from being dumb? Surely that would be beneficial to all! 👴 Also more cost effective.
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    @WizzyWigg You're absolutely correct and we're as always working away in the background with this and it is our priority to get these meters up and running or exchanged where needed, this won't stop whilst highlighting new smart meter installations 😀
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    Looking at the various comments throughout the forum the feeling is the priority seems to be the installation of new meters. A little less on resolving the issues with older already fitted meters. I'm sure it probably isn't but that is the impression. I'm sure that's not just me. 👴
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    @WizzyWigg You're right it can come across that way and we do tend to see what's gone wrong rather than what's gone right 🙈 and there are a good few smart meters that aren't working as they should be at the moment.

    We're beavering away in the background to get them all enrolled and back up and running we just don't have a time scale for this so it does seem like there's not much progress. I think it's great that you've highlighted this as you said you won't be the only one thinking this!

    Although I know it would be great to have an actual time scale or an answer. We'll be sure to update you as and we we know more and those with dumb smart meters are 100% our priority but we also need to be able to get new smart meters installed for those that need them which doesn't delay the work in any way whatsoever. 🙂
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    It's great to hear that those with problems are high on the priority list (100%). Yes I am a true believer the way forward for the future is the installation of smart metering. Although it would be nice to know when my 'Smart ' gas meter which has been dumb for over a year will function again. 😞
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    1. Can you confirm that, for any DFS events taking place in the future, customers wishing to take part will need to opt-in to these events as they have done this winter just gone?
    2. Perhaps you can also confirm what decision has been made WRT the reward calculation - specifically the removal of the in-day adjustment element that happened in mid-February? Is this going to be permanent irrespective of the ESO National Grid rules that will be in effect when the next round of DFS takes place?
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    Do I win the prize for the silliest invite.
    Although I ought to point out that I was away most of March and my house was empty.
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