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    Hi Anasa sorry for getting back so late I have been working on my new hyperdrive generator,it’s a prototype I’m still experimenting and what I have come to 100% understanding and I can prove it mechanically the end result is the same no matter have many times I duplicate it. When question comes to energy it is all around you all you have to do is tap in to it and manipulate it multiply it amplify it you can control anything 99.9% of the people don’t even know and I don’t even they care think people are bin locked up in their box and scared. All they do is cry cry cry about their energy bills yet they don’t do anything about it.All you have to do is little bit of research about the only person people don’t even think about yet they are using his technology today without tesla’s invention most importantly how to transmit RF frequency volt
    it is all been taking away from him because he wanted to world to have free energy well his ambition isn’t that far away now thanks to his followers so wet is being supplied to all the homes factories and work places supplied by DC generators manufacturing as we all know AC current or AC voltage which is man made.
    So hydro companies don’t create or make anything all they are doing is nothing really DC generators doing all the work with the cost of mmmmm let me think!!!! Cost of nothing
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    What is actually scientist come up with anything to do with self efficient and not harmful to this planet we all live in the last 100 years???? I just want anybody explain to me
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    Morning @Hertz 👋 I hope you are well! Sounds like you have been super busy! I really appreciate you coming on here and sharing your thoughts and what you have been working on. It's truly fascinating! I'm not very Technically defo not Mechanically minded! So the ins and outs of this went went over my head 🤯 but I understand the concept and what you're trying to say.

    You're right a lot of people really don't understand their energy and how it works and is something most of us take for granted unless we work in the industry or have some knowledge behind the technical/mechanical aspects like you do so it is down to us to get that knowledge out there.

    Please keep us up date with this! 😊
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    it seems possible that very small devices can be powered by RF energy captured from the air around us. Samsung has introduced a remote control that uses solar power by day and RF energy at night, so it has no batteries.

    They say great oak trees grow from little acorns, and technology continues to make great strides but I think extensive RF charging can be put into a similar timeframe to fusion power - it’s at least 50 years off becoming mainstream.
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    They keep telling us commercially viable fusion power is 'ten years away'. But they've been saying that since the 70s.
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    Fusion derived power will not happen at any scale in my lifetime. Hopefully I'm wrong in that as the promise of limitless energy with few downsides is most tempting.