Can I change E7 tariff throughout the year

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    I have E7 meter which is for my underfloor heating. I can benefit from a lower rate at night when the heating kicks in but of course this means I pay a much higher rate in the day

    I only use the heating 5-6 months of the year and the rest of that time I’m a pretty standard user ( lower than average actually) so I don’t really want to pay the higher day tariff half the year!

    In theory can I change to a single tariff for the summer and back to E7 during the winter?
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    In theory, yes. How flexible the supplier is prepared to be when it comes to chopping and changing tariffs to effectively allow you to 'game the system' is another question.
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    I don’t think in playing the system as such as they’ll be getting much higher day rate charges from me for half the year and standard tariff prices the other half. Has anyone done this?
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    Hello @Boatrain Anasa here 👋 Welcome to the Community! Interesting question I've been here for 20 plus years and I've not seen anyone operate like that or had a customer ask the question, that's not to say it's not crossed their mind as you do have the option to change from a 1 rate tariff to a 2 rate which ever is best for your needs.

    Many of our customers choose to be on a fixed tariff or keep their prices as long as they can on whatever tariff they are currently on so chopping and changing wouldn't benefit them in the long run, ultimately it is up to you to choose the best tariff for you at any given time 😊
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