Over 8 months to address a deceased relatives FiT

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    I have been fobbed off by EON for over 7 months since my father died in May 2022
    Your CEO can spend time making bold statements such as this... you can not even provide me with a basic level of customer service.

    The final straw - 2 days trying to have 'an intelligent conversation' with a chatbot on Facebook messenger which results in me being asked to call a number that does not exist.

    Thank you for your patience. You will need to call 0345 301 4884 they will be able to help you.

    Is there anyone capable of resolving an issue or has this company simply become a shell vehicle for customer exploitation?
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    @wcarley Hi

    I am sorry to read about your Father, this is something that should be straight forward.

    I do appreciate it's been a while, have you got this sorted?

    It should not take any longer than 12 weeks to complete a transfer of ownership. We would need specific paperwork to go with the forms. The number you seem to of been given is our old FIT number, looking at the date you posted, that number should not be provided at all as it's no longer used.

    The correct number is 0808 501 5218

    Please do let me know if this has been sorted, if not I would like to see if there's anything I can do to sort this for you.

    Did you know that we're open 24/7 across our Social Media Channels? There are lots of ways to contact us over
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    have you made a complaint?
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    I have started to use Resolver.
    Even making a complaint is not easy with EON Next.
    They now have the current economic situation to hide behind, using the press to deliver well-positioned virtue signals. This is an easy tactic to divert attention away from the level of incompetence that is displayed; should a customer ever be able to interact with the organization, and expect to have an issue accepted and managed from inception to resolution.
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    Hey @wcarley, Hannah here 👋

    I am so sorry that its been such a struggle getting through to talk to us - that's not how we like to do things ☹.
    So I can help you mind sharing a little more information with us? Are you trying to close the account or transfer the ownership?
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