Customer service mic-drops at 4pm on a Friday???

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    Why do EON mic-drop their customer service at 4pm on a Friday???

    What possible reason could this be??

    Its not the Civil Service. This is a multi national organisation with millions of retail and business customers who work for a living and can usually only wait for hours on the phone when they are at home not the office.

    Seriously, how disgraceful can it get?

    here are some of my call to them in the last month or so.

    6 December, 1 hour 58 minutes
    19 December, 2 hours 43 minutes
    28 December, 1 hour 3 minutes
    28 December, 4 minutes
    29 December, 35 minutes
    29 December, 7 minutes
    5 January, 1 hour 28 minutes
    9 January, 22 minutes
    10 January, 1 hour 34 minutes
    17 January, 32 minutes
    18 January, 37 minutes
    23 January, 29 minutes
    23 January, 1 hour 20 minutes

    772 minutes. nearly 13 hours. almost every single time had to wait ages, almost every single time I got through to what sounded like a school leaver on work experience who didnt know what they were doing and had to keep putting me on hold so they could ask the "team leader" the questions I had. Every single time I couldnt get through to the same person so I had to retell my case from scratch.

    They simply refuse, or make in impossible through organisational incompetence to sort out customer issues.

    If only they answered the phone and dealt with customer issues as efficiently as they bill and as fast as they yank up prices.
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    Hi @MAW,

    It sounds like you have had a really rough experience with E.ON Next recently and I'm really sorry to be reading this, it really does make me sad to know we haven't got it right. We are taking some big steps within E.ON Next to improve on our service for customers by recruiting more staff and providing extra training for current staff so that we can get it right moving forward. I have also taken your feedback and passed this on for you about the phone lines closing early on a Friday.

    I'm not sure if you're aware but the good news is there are other ways that you can contact us when the phone lines are closed 😊 We keep our social media channels available 24/7 that means that even when the phone lines are closed there are still people available to help. You can find all of our contact info on this thread.

    From this thread alone I can see that you have been in contact with us many many times since December and I don't want to leave you without any assistance so is there anything that I can personally do to help MAW, do you still need support with your query? Without posting any personal or account information (for gdpr reasons) if you want to tell me a bit about what's been happening then I can see what I can do for you πŸ™‚ If you would rather discuss things privately just pop me a message - Deb 🌻
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    Apparently Eon Next have got a rap on the knuckles from Ofgem and been told to improve their lack of customer service.

    ​​​​​​​IN an ideal world, CS should be available 24/7 on the end of a phone
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    Email support is no better, I mailed with a query back in November, I had a fairly quick reply with a 'I'd be happy to help' and 'please confirm your postcode' and nothing since...... chased up too but still nothing.
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    Make a complaint- see blue box below.
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    ​​​​​​​much more than just a rap - they were singled out.
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    British Gas, E Gas & Electricity, EDF, Good Energy, Outfox the Market, OVO, ScottishPower, SO Energy, Utilita, Utility Warehouse and Tru Energy all got a 'rap on the knuckles'.

    E.On Next were given a good spanking.
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    The latest Which Survey makes interesting reading. 14th out of 20!
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    So there are SIX companies who are performing worse?! Can't be all bad then!
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    So there are SIX companies who are performing worse?! Can't be all bad then!
    Not quite if you read the report.