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    Hey all
    My night time hours have changed from 23:30hrs to 00:00hrs too 07:30hrs
    no mention of this in emails, website.......🤔

    Eon web panel says I used £58 80 was my highest day, yet smart meter says £39.20.......🤔

    can't seem to find a number to contact eon
    Anyone else this happening too ?


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    when did your hours change? Last Sunday in October?

    Most Economy 7 or 10 meters work on GMT all year round so your hours will change between summertime and wintertime.

    Have a look on a full PDF copy on your bill, and you will see a supply number that looks a bit like this

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    your First two digits on the First line should be 02. The next three digits, starting with an 8 will be your meter time pattern. The First two digits on the bottom line will be your supplier region. If you can tell me the three digit and two digit numbers, I can tell you exactly what your hours should be.
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    Hey @Stove Anasa here 👋 I know its been a little while but I did wonder how you got on with your meter settings compared to your smart usage? Was you able to make sense of it all? 😊
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