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    Why are we being told to restrict our energy use when Christmas lights are still being put up all over the country and are on all day?

    We are being warned of blackouts but it only seems to be residential usage that is being restricted.

    All of the office building still have all their lights and computers on 24/7. Department stores also have their window display lights on all night.

    Is it me or is something not adding up here?
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    Hey - sorry for the delayed response!

    I do agree, sometimes it can be alarming to see that some lights are left on overnight and sometimes it feels like those lights are completely useless being left on!

    The truth of it is that leaving the lights on (or lighting around Christmas) does in fact come with a cost and that business is feeling the cost 💰. Funnily enough they discussed the impact of shops leaving the lights on during the lockdown(s) we saw in 2020/2021 and this cost millions. See : Lockdown Lights 💡.

    It has been a topic of discussion for many and recently many businesses and councils are trying to crack down on this. The BBC recently reported that Newport has plans to switch off street lights as per their new budget however it does come with the question of public safety. Relatively close to me we have a carpark whereby they trialled putting the lights into a sensor mode to help save energy. However this just didn't work and the lights were purposefully left on overnight due to the safety of our Community.

    What do you think?

    Link to the BBC article:
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