Convincing bogus email doing the rounds

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    Wasnt sure where to post this but...
    Just a heads up that there is a very convincing email going around. The email says that your account is in debt by £xxxx and the payment must be made or debt recovery will be involved.
    I am concerned that this is aimed at those who are a little less savvy on identifying fraud emails, especially the elderly.
    Unfortunately I am unable to attach a copy of it but it is the best one I've seen for a while.
    Be careful.
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    Thanks for the info. My advice is to always jump onto your online account or check your account status in the app before doing anything with these emails.

    Most phishing emails are designed to panic you in the First instance, and then get you to click a link which often takes you to a convincing-looking Web page where they will attempt to scam you.

    I never take anything at face value, and always look very carefully at email headers and any embedded links before I click on anything but, as you rightly state, there are many who are less tech-savvy and don't know what to look for.
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    @Gillwray Thank you so much for bringing this to our Community! & its a good job didn't let the email get the better of you.

    That is some great advice from @retrotecchie - it is certainly a good idea to take a look at your account before even thinking twice about things 💪.
    Can you please send a copy of the email to: and explain it is a fishing email and one of our team can report it for you! It is also best to send that email directly to your junk folder; this helps to prevent that address contacting you again 😊.
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