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    My mum passed away on the 2nd October 2022 and her bank account will be going into probate. Been trying to ring Eon next and email to ask them to freeze my mums account as I live in property but I cannot afford to pay 300 pounds a month as on benefits. Once probate in order then can start things moving. I cant get through to Eon next tried numerous times to make contact but its just music for an hour
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    Hi @Carly7679

    I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I understand how frustrating it must be waiting to speak to someone in customer service, this being the last thing you'd want to be doing at this difficult time for you.

    My apologies, as our member @Andy65 previously brought your post to the Community Team's attention and this sadly slipped through the net, so we haven't picked up on your post until now. I have sent you a private message though with some further information if you'd like to get back to me there.

    - Pete
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    Hi @Carly7679

    I'm sorry for your loss. Customer Services are extremely busy at the moment and I fully understand that this isn't what you need at this difficult time. I'm hoping that someone from the team may be along shortly to help.