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    How can I get an activation code for a new key meter?

    Currently I am a Bulb user, and I'm waiting for replacement key meter without any results and I am second day without electricity now.

    Please help.

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    Hey @Marek,

    I know this is an old thread but I wondered if you managed to get this resolved with Bulb in the end?

    In these circumstances it's always best to raise this with your supplier as soon as possible. If you are living in a property without any electricity supply due to a meter fault (not because you haven't topped up) then this should be treated as an emergency. If you are on the priority service register you may also be treated as a priority in an emergency situation.
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    Unless someone else advises otherwise I would think you need to contact customer service by one of the methods in the following link…
    They will be extremely busy right now so you will need to be patient whilst awaiting a response.
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    Hi @Marek ,

    If you're on the Priority Services Register, call 105 to speak to your DNO as they might be able to forcibly restore your supply immediately. My friend Blastoise186 told me about how DNOs can do that (Western Power Distribution let him in on the secrets) but it's not publicly available information so I can't repeat it here. Please be advised however, that using such measures are intended for temporary periods only and the measures would need to be reverted by your supplier later.
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