Moving away from 4 electricity meters on one house - no help from Eon (next)

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    Hi all,

    We moved into a property this time last year that had been left vacant for the previous 3 years. The previous owner used storage heaters and was using a heatwise meter system, as the property was vacant when Eon were removing heatwise and offering a meter simplication process on these properties, I am still left with this arrangement it seems all the current employeers at Eon have not heard of the heatwise meter arrangements.

    I have since installed mains gas and removed the electric storage heaters but I am still left with 4 meters and due to this arrangement I can't switch tarrifs or providers. I did get to the process of having a date to switch to a single 3 phase meter but then Eon rebranded and apparently during this process they didn't keep hold of any existing account information.

    I've tried to speak to them about switching again to a single 3 phase meter but I get no real response and subsequently I have to submit 7 figures each time we complete a meter reading.

    My main questions are - do I pay a standing charge for each meter? Is there anything I can do to encourage Eon Next to pick up where Eon left off with simplifying our meter arrangement? I have electricians available to pickup where Eon will leave off during the process if required, but obviously they can't touch the Eon owned meters. One of our meters is one of the rotating dial meters were are also known for being less accurate.

    Any helpful advice would be much appreciated. It's been a painful year long process with Eon and currently I'm at a dead end.
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    This thread is in danger of getting buried under a mountain of activity. I would normally suggest contacting customer service but you seem to have exhausted that route.

    We have a volunteer metering expert who normally fields smart meter questions so I’ll tag in @theunknowntech who might be able to help here.
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    We moved into a house that used to be two cottages about 3 years ago - it had and still has 2 electricity meters. Yes, we do pay two daily fixed charges. I did try to get it down to just one meter, but the cost and hassle of moving to 3 phase just seemed like it would take too long to benefit.

    We don't have gas, but our house(s) is/are heated by electric heat pumps.

    Last winter we were hit hard by Storm Arwen and were without power for 9 days. Each meter got almost a thousand pounds in compensation.

    With the current scheme, each meter will get £400 payable over the 6 months of winter. I'm not convinced this will be the last payout per meter.

    It might be worthwhile just considering whether you really want to be reducing the number of meters you have right now?
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    I'll need photos please @BEJB @diablohowes !

    This is a VERY complicated setup to advise on and I may need to call in help from my network. This will take some time but photos of the current setups will make their life easier.
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    Appreciate the response guys, that's quite interesting that the payment is per meter, that might soften the blow somewhat!
    @theunknowntech I'll grab some pictures tonight, it's quite an interesting setup and it's already been somewhat reduced in complexity due to the removal of the storage heaters, however it does leave me with two heatwise meters connected to nothing but costing me everyday in a standing charge.

    Thanks again everyone
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    @BEJB I just found the following statement regarding the £400 rebate and multiple meters:

    "I’ve got more than one electricity meter at my property – will I receive the discount for each electricity meter?

    For the purpose of the scheme, eligibility refers to only one payment per domestic premises. Where there are multiple related meter points, eligibility relates to the primary meter point (primary MPAN) only"

    So unfortunately it looks like this isn't going to be applicable to my situation.

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    Surely you can refer to your account and statements to identify how many standing charges you are paying?
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    @meldrewreborn That's correct, I've checked and I am paying for more than one standing charge, for at least for one meter that is completely redundent. My problem is that EON seem to refuse to do anything about it. It's been over 10 months since I started this process with Eon, I had been making progress until they changed their name to EON Next and washed their hands of all previous progress made in getting this resolved. I am trying to refrain from including too much emotion and keeping things factual but honestly it has been the worst experience I've ever had with dealing with any business, regardless of the industry.
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    You need to make a formal complaint. If you asked for the meter to be removed and that hasn't been done they owe you for the standing charges you have incurred since then.

    It will still take time but will be resolved in your favour eventually.
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    @theunknowntech I've finally got around to grabbing some photos, forgive me if the description doesn't tie up well with the order of the photos,first time posting here with photos.

    Name:  Overview of  all meters.jpg
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    This is an overview of all of the meters on the property for electric.

    There are several circuits labelled DB** and each phase is labeled with a colour - red, yellow and blue.

    From right to left:

    • The dial on the far right is DB01 and feeds the main consumer unit from blue phase
    • Heatwise meter DB06 to the left of the consumer unit is redundent fed from yellow phase
    • Heatwise meter to the left of that is DB05 and is redundent fed from red phase
    • Multi rate meter DB02, DB03, DB04 to the left of this is to power various outbuildings also fed from red phase
    • The switches you can just about see the top of on the shelf below are for the outbuildings fed by the multi rate meter

    And some more close up photos here:
    Name:  DB05 and DB06 redundent heatwise meters.jpg
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Size:  50.4 KBName:  DB01 dial meter main house electrics.jpg
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Size:  37.4 KBName:  Main incomings and DB06 multi rate meter for out buildings on Red.jpg
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    Believe it or not this is much tidier than when we first moved in but it's still a mess. You can see where the feeds to the now removed storage heaters have been cut in the photo of the rotary dial meter DB01.

    I'm not an electrician but surely it's possible to replace all meters with a single 3 phase meter?

    FYI the multi rate meter DB02, DB03, DB04 for the out buildings - was installed I believe either because they had a business in one of the buildings or because of the storage heaters installed out there, or both.

    Hope it helps, I suspect you might like the photos, it's interesting if nothing else 😁