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    Hi Eon, you provide 100% green renewable electricity, it’s a claim splashed all over your web page. If this is true how is my electricity price rising?? It doesn’t cost any more money for the wind to blow or the sun to shine, so why are you raising electricity prices? Is it because you’re actually burning gas to produce electricity? Rubbishing your claim that all household electricity is 100% renewable.

    I’d be interested to find out your explanation for this.
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    Hi @bigman1777

    Thanks for posting about our 100% renewable electricity and asking more questions about what this means.

    We do offer 100% renewable electricity, backed by renewable resources and REGO's (Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin) these are certificates which show that electricity has been generated from renewable sources.

    In the UK, the price of electricity is actually decided by the gas prices on the wholesale market as they are linked - this isn't a decision we've made, it's just the way this currently works within the UK and could change in the future.

    We use what's called a renewable energy mix. This means that we supply electricity to all of our customers through the National Grid. Whilst not all of the electricity produced for it is renewable, we make sure that the bit we take is.

    Here is a breakdown of our energy mix between 1st April 2021 to 31st March 2022:

    Coal - 1.8%
    Natural Gas - 15%
    Nuclear - 1.4%
    Renewable - 80.3%
    other (which includes biomass) 1.5%

    As all suppliers use the same grid and distribution for both gas and electricity, natural gas is still responsible for 38% of electricity generation within the UK, a number we hope to dramatically reduce with further investment for renewable technologies. Gas has always driven the price of electricity due to this being the more expensive fuel, and this linking of the prices for gas and electricity is why you see the price of electricity going up when the wholesale price of gas has increased significantly over the last couple of years.

    Pete 😊

    *Electricity backed by 100% renewable sources, E.ON's renewable generation assets, agreements with UK generators and the purchase of renewable electricity certificates. The electricity supplied to your home or business comes from the National Grid.
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    So they cannot claim only 100% renewable electricity is used by E ON customers
    We all use the same electricity from the National Grid which is electricity produced from
    Bio Mas
    So it is impossible they don't use nuclear.and Coal and Gas
    We are not stupid even if you treat us as stupid