What's the point of credit on your balance

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    I have built up credit over the spring and summer months equal to 3 direct debit payments, with another due in a few days.
    I have looked at suggested tariffs for me, made some calculations, and it is clear any credit on my balance is not taken into account.
    A couple of questions come to mind.
    1: Why can't we be billed for our actual usage, the direct debit covering that exact amount, thus no credit or deficit
    2: if credit on my balance is not taken into account how can I reclaim it?
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    You can be billed for actual usage, but then your payments will vary from month to month and also be very much higher in the winter months when heating is used much more. Most people prefer the certainty of a regular payment - but that was before the current energy crisis which has pushed up payments.

    To reclaim your credit balance contact customer services. Its your absolute right to do so. Your DD will likely be reappraised afterwards.
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    @Ryan1 Hi there! Anasa here 👋 it's great to have you here! @meldrewreborn is correct your Direct Debit is designed to build up a credit during the summer which will prevent a higher increase to your payments during the winter months.

    At any time you can request your credit is refunded back to you all we'd need are up to date reads to make sure you're billed up to date and the credit balance is valid.

    You can choose not to pay via Direct Debit, you can set up a standing charge for the amount that you think you will use or you can pay on demand, you'll notice though that some tariffs you have to have a Direct Debit set up to receive those rates but we have other tariffs that don't require a Direct Debit so you can choose what's best for you 😊
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