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    Hi, I'm getting underway for a heat pump and from a comprehensive survey, it has been detailed that the older, unmarked company fuse (UK power networks to sort) and meter tails (eon smart meter) need upgrading. Meter is a only a few years old, installed for previous owners.
    I've tried emailing a couple of times, but can this be actioned please as would be a fundamental stumbling block.
    I'm on the technical side of things and appreciate the infrastructure has to be suitably capable before the company fuse can be uprated. Property is 1940s fed by pole.
    I read another thread and yes, the tails, approx 12 inches long are under 25mm2.

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    Hey Alex!

    Its great that you are looking at getting a heat pump! Please do let us know hoe you get on with it.
    In regards to the meter tails, you would have to contact us to get an appointment booked in 😊, we are currently super busy, but as soon as they can the ES's will get back to you 🤗
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