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    In the good old days you were able to schedule a date for your contarct change.

    I was then told that I could only set up a change 45 days in front.

    Guess what ?? scam time.

    I have been told that I have to contact them on the day I want to change. The only reason for this is to scam more money from us.
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    Morning @silverfox55 ๐Ÿ˜Š,

    I am sorry that you have found so much confusion with this, and you don't really know where you stand!
    Good job you have found out Community, looking after our members is what we do over here. I am glad to help! I have had a little look into this for you. You can't cancel your tariff, go onto our variable and then delay another fix to start later I am afraid.

    You are completely within your right to cancel your current fix whenever you like. But you cannot delay a fix if you are on a variable.
    Let me explain this more for you:

    Today - Cancel your tariff (fix) early
    Therefore put onto the variable
    โŒ - Cannot delay a new fix start date.
    โœ” - Can enter a new fix as of today.

    So, if you are put onto a variable, then the tariff fix will start as of the day you take it out. The only time we can delay a tariff start date, is if you are in the 45 day window and you have chosen what fix you want, and this new fix is due to start when the current fixed tariff ends.

    The bottom line is that we cannot keep you on the variable tariff and delay the start date. You would have to start it the day you take it out.

    Let us know if you have any more questions,
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    ๐Ÿ‘‰get in touch๐Ÿ‘ˆ

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    Somebody seems to understand
    So, if I understand you right. My current tariff ends on the 31st October, so I am not in the 45 day window.

    Can I cancel my current tariff on the 31st August. Then ask to be put onto the cheapest fixed tariff paying by dd that day. If I cannot do it that day how long do I have to wait ?

    I am getting different answers all the time and getting very miffed. All I want to do is move before the new price cap comes in. From the answers I have been given, the company want me to stay untill they can milk more money from us.

    I am sorry you are not clear with the answers, this is dissapointing to hear ๐Ÿ˜ฃ.
    So what you can do:

    - wait to be in the renewal period and choose a new fix to go on to.
    - cancel your current fix early - either start a new fix on that day, or start a variable tariff.

    1. Your fix ends on 31st October - you can wait until 15th Sept for your renewal period to start. Once in this period you can choose a new fix to start on the 31st.
    2. You can end your fix early: cancel the current fix, for another one to start immediately.
    3. You can end your fix early: Cancel your current fix and go onto our Next Flex - if you choose to go on the Next Flex, if you do choose to go onto a fixed tariff later down the line; this will have to be applied immediately.
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    Ok. I will opt for option 2. Please advise what is the current cheapest tariff (with dd etc) Also how long would your quote last for as it seems to be that the prices on the website change daily.

    If that is the best option for you then please do contact us and let us know that is what you would like to do ๐Ÿ˜Š.
    Our unit rates and prices can change from day to day. And can vary from area to area, so I can't say for sure what our prices are right now.
    You would have to chat to our Energy Specialists about that ๐Ÿ˜Š
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    The problem being that there is no assurance of what if any fixed deal will be available in the future and what the prices will be. The longer you leave it the likelihood of prices rising on the fix deals increases. There have been several this year already since March and i suspect that there will be many more soon.

    I fully recognise what you want to do, but in the words of the old saying "it takes two to tango". Eon Next have their set procedures and ways of doing things that suits them and their customer service staff. They have a way of working that they understand and can operate consistently and correctly. You quite properly want to do something that doesn't fit with their policies. Nobody is right or wrong here. A year ago you could have easily switched supplier to achieve your objective - but the switching market is as near dead as its possible to be while still being alive.

    It can be said that Eon next are being inflexible but its not a scam. I still think that if you can get through on the phone you might be able to do the switch now - doing it for a set time in the future might be "a bridge too far"

    Perhaps @Beki_EONNext can advise on what is actually possible with her insider knowledge. or @PeterT_EONNext or @Han_EONNext or @Bennie_EONNext.

    But then again hasn't this been set out earlier in the thread.

    Morning @meldrewreborn ๐Ÿ˜Š,
    Thanks for picking this up.
    We have advised @silverfox55 to contact our Energy Specialists that can end his current tariff, and set him up a new fix - if that's what he chooses to do.

    Have a lovely day
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    Hi @silverfox55

    I believe that if you're on a fixed tariff and you're within the last 45 days, if you chose another tariff it would normally start at the end of your current contract. If you're on the variable tariff and you choose a fixed term tariff then the new tariff effectively starts straight away (24 hrs).
    It may be possible to move from a fixed tariff to another quicker if you contact Customer Services as there are no exit fees.

    It's just policy/procedure, which they can change, nothing more.
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    I contacted customer services about renewing my tariff. I brought the end date forward by 1 month. from end october to the end of september and sign up there and then for the change to take place. I was told to go away.

    The will only change you on the day you enquire, to take effect immediately. No forward planning nothing. Take it or leave it.

    So much for 45 days........ 24 hours.

    Con merchants.
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    Surely if your fixed tariff ends at the end of October then you are not yet within 45 days of the end of your tariff. That would mean you are not yet eligible to sign up to what is currently on offer with a start date of the end of your current tariff. If I read that right then Eon Next have done nothing wrong, although I stand to be corrected.

    Why would you be able to amend the length of your fix?

    Incidentally, did you accept the immediate switch or have you decided to stick?
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    Because I did not want to renew my tariff after the 1st October. I was hoping to get a better deal before the end of October when the current runs out.

    I requested that my start date of a new tariff to be 30th September as I should be able to do. But of course this bunch want to make you do what is better for the company and stuff the customer.
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    I will take a switch at the ned of this month as that is the only thing this bunch this lot will let me do other than stay and renew on a higher tariff.