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    I had new gas smart meter fitted last month to replace a meter that was not working,, the elec was working ok and sending readings for billing, but again end of last month the gas reading was still not billedEven though the fitter checked it was working ok
    Why want I billed can you let me know

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    Hmm... Probably another read schedule issue. @PeterT_EONNext is a wizard at fixing these!
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    Hi @KevChapman

    I'm sorry to see that your new gas meter hasn't sent any readings to us yet. It can take up to 8 weeks maximum for everything to be set up before we receive your first readings, so if you can please enter a manual meter reading online for now until we're sent the readings automatically, that would be great.

    It's a little odd for your gas meter to be changed without the electricity meter also being changed, as usually, both would need to be exchanged if you're having a problem with just one of them, so that they can be synced up correctly. I can see that the gas meter has been changed on your account and not the electricity, are you able to confirm if on the day of your appointment, the engineer exchanged both meters or just the gas meter?

    ​​​​​​​Pete 😊
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    @PeterT_EONNext, The engineer replaced only the gas, after extensive testing and checks with his boss and the DCC they said that both meters were synced and working, the DCC said they could see both readings which he checcked with EON next while I was there.
    he did say he would probably change both but after testing and consultation didn't need to.
    He also said the read schedule by eon next would be set at the same frequency as the electric that works ok.
    Why does it take 8 weeks to get readings when The DCC and Eon confirmed they could see the meter and readings on the day of refitting.

    We have been at this **** for over a year now 3 new meters 1 elec 2 gas and still nothing works WHY ?

    Is the read schedule set correctly

    I have also tried to get the Hugo app to work to see readings online. They can see the Gas but not the electric and have advised me to contact eon to make them visible, but seems Eon next bills from the electric not the gas

    If they both needed changing why weren't they and why can eon see one elec and Hugo the other gas only they must both be working for them to be seen

    I don't want to get into the eon next system again to get them replaced again if needed, this needs sorting for once and for all, because getting them fitted in the 1st place and the one refitted was like pulling teeth

    Kevin Chapman
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    It seems that extreme patience is required when smart meters are changed, or suppliers are changed or indeed anything changes like your tariff.

    Our politicians though are sold on the flash bang wizz of smart meters and don't see the reality.
    Current Eon Next and EDF customer, ex Zog and Symbio. Don't think dual fuel saves money and don't like smart meters.
  • PeterT_EONNext's Avatar
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    Hi @KevChapman

    Thanks for explaining what the engineer did when they visited, as we can't always see this information in full this side.

    It does look like the new gas meter is connected up correctly and we seem to be communicating with this. We have an initial meter reading for your gas and our Smart Team have set your meters to send both of your readings now on the 22nd of each month.

    On 22nd August, both meter readings should be sent through to us and then a statement containing both your gas and electricity, based on your actual readings, should be produced and you'll then be emailed when this is ready to view online.

    Please do let me know if for any reason on or after 22nd August this doesn't happen, although looking at your gas meter now on your account, it should be working normally.

    ​​​​​​​Pete 😊