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    Hey Everyone!

    Did you know that in the UK there are over 150,000 people that use British Sign Language as their first language?

    Here at E.ON Next, we are all about putting our customers first and being inclusive of all abilities.

    We can now support our customers who want to communicate with us using British Sign Language. We're providing this service through a third party interpreter called SignLive.

    Who or what is SignLive though?

    SignLive has a pool of over 100 fully qualified interpreters which have their NRCPD accreditation and are PVG checked.

    Your details being kept safe is important to us. SignLive uses a secure and encrypted system. The service is monitored 24/7 and interpreters are also trained in anti-fraud and safeguarding measures.

    So how does it work?

    Our customers will log in to SignLive and select that they want to call us, this will then load a 2-way video call between a SignLive agent and the individual wanting to call, The Agent will then call us and interpret the call in BSL.

    But what happens next?

    One of our Energy Specialists will then answer the call, and will hear the voice of a SignLive interpreter. The interpreter will relay the call to us, so you can start communicating with us if you have a hearing impairment. We won't need your prior permission to communicate with the SignLive interpreter on your behalf, as we'll ask the SignLive interpreter to ask you for your security information, it's as simple as that! 😄

    All users that wish to use the service must register to use SignLive online. You can find an introduction video as well as ways to use the software on the SignLive website

    All the best,

    Pete 😊
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