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    I used to get my gas & electric bill together quarter until the change to eon next. Since then they started sending only electric bills so I contacted them and was told my smart meter was not sending readings for my gas, and I said well everything seemed ok my end and gave them a reading. They sent a bill of £300 odd pound and said the bills would be combined in future. Again in April I contacted them and they said oh the meter as not been working I will sent you a gas bill ( but how can they if the smart meter supposed to have not been working ) I yhen
    paid another gas bill for a few hundred pounds then they sent a outstanding bill for £37 pound so I paid it then I received another bill along with a debt collector letter for the £37 pounds I paid it and called them. They said they had only received one payment of £37 and did not know where my payment had gone. A few days later I received the £37 refund. Again this month no gas bill I emailed them on 20th June and was sent a bill for gas and electric £155 which I paid then I paid another £91 on the same day for electric not realising the £155 previously paid was for £91 electric and £64 for gas. Today 21st June another bill sent for £64 and no show on the account of the £155 I paid to them and as gone out my bank.I paid by bank details following the payment details on the back of my bill and it must be correct for them to be receiving money.I’m sure they are ripping me off.
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    @Nash1954 Anasa here! 👋 welcome to the Community! I'm sorry to see that there has been a lot of confusion over your account and your payments.

    A complaint is already open and in progress for you and we're looking into finding any missed payments on your account so don't worry if any payment have been made to us we'll locate it and make sure it goes onto your account. If we can't find it you can always chase this up with your bank to see if they can track down the payment.

    Here at EON Next we do send out bills each month instead of quarterly and you may find if we don't have reads for both fuels you'll may get the gas and electricity bill separate. I can see that your Smart meter is sending us reads now so you should get your both gas and electricity bills together.

    We'll be in touch with an update about the missing payment but if there is anything else in the mean time please get in touch with one of our lovely energy specialist who will be able to have a look into your account and chase up any concerns you may still have - have a fab weekend 🙂
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