What I have done differently due to price increase

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    i have started to stay in and cook more than going out for meals, when shopping i now look for cheaper brands as they are just as good as the big-name brands.

    We are trying to reduce our plastic waste, but this is exceedingly difficult due to everything is wrapped in plastic, organic veg is expensive to buy when we are in a crisis everything going up Electric/Gas, it would be nice if e.onnext would look at giving its loyal customers a discount for staying with them when moving over from E.ON.

    we also bought a Kia Eco car that has less emissions, better for the planet.

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    @Johns Anasa here 👋 Thank you so much for sharing some of your energy tips and your some feedback. We love hearing all about ways to save energy and to help the environment with plastic reduction a year of change for so many people be it trying to keep on top of the energy price increases, shopping on a budget or helping to save our planet, there are soo many different ways we can make a difference and help ourselves save some pennies 💰 at the same time! I 100% agree with you about shopping for cheaper brands and them being just as good as the bigger brands. We would love to hear more so please keep us updated with any more tips or how much you've managed to save! I'm sure there are lots of members that would also love to know more about your Kia Eco car with less emissions 💪🌍
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    Hey @Johns 👋

    Just wanted to pop by, I can see you would've had your Kia Eco car for over a year now. How is it going?
    If you have any tips on ways you've managed to save I would love to hear more! 💰
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