We Would Love Your Input / Thoughts on Half-Hourly Smart Meter Settings.

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    @geoffers Many thanks for the recommendation, but I'm a bit reluctant to share data with a 3rd party.
    I'm only sharing half-hourly data with Eon because I have to for the NextDrive tariff.
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    The 'data' you refer to is actually collected and processed by an organisation called DCC (on behalf of the Government) who are contracted to provide the smart meter communications for the whole UK. Datasets are provided to suppliers only for customers on their books through an interface called the Business Organisation Layer. Certain third parties also have access to this data subject to very stringent rules and regulations and can provide subsets of the data to individual customers. You aren't technically 'sharing your data' with a third party, but allowing them to extract your data on your behalf. Data that you otherwise have no individual access to.
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    I'm trying out a well-known brand-name of electricity biller who do pricing by half hour intervals, and today I ticked a box on their website to say that I'd like a "smart" meter. (I refuse to call those smets2 things smart because they never decide to switch stuff off until a cheaper time like I intend to.) If any of you have questions about how I get on then try asking on this thread.