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    How does it work if you have pre paid for gas and electricity do I still get help
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    Hi @char ,

    Yup, you still qualify. According to the information my friend Blastoise186 gave me, you'll either get it applied directly to your electric meter (if you have smart meters), or as a voucher to take to the shop for your next top-up. This will all happen in the first week of each month when EBSS is active.

    Hope this helps!
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  • Beki's Avatar
    @char @theunknowntech is correct and of course you still get help.

    • Smart prepayment customers will see the money credited directly to their meters as a top up in the first week of each month.

    • Traditional prepayment customers will be provided with vouchers in the first week of each month. You'll need to redeem these at your usual top-up point in a similar way to the Warm Home Discount.
  • Josie58's Avatar
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    Hi, newbie, so sorry if this is the wrong thread :-)

    did a meter reading yesterday (gas) and got the bill for £27 for the month and it is showing the estimated use for the year of £2514 so looking at kWh figures for last I now use 10.30p to get a more accurate estimate or am I getting it wrong? thanks

    Energy Used* 315.1 kWh @ 3.27p/kWh £10.29 315.1
    Energy Used* 317.5 kWh @ 3.27p/kWh £10.37 317.5
    Energy Used* 1329.6 kWh @ 4.00p/kWh £53.11 1329.6
    Energy Used* 1457.0 kWh @ 4.00p/kWh £58.21 1457
    Energy Used* 1131.6 kWh @ 3.995p/kWh £45.21 1131.6
    Energy Used* 2138.2 kWh @ 3.995p/kWh £85.42 2138.2
    Energy Used* 63.4 kWh @ 3.793p/kWh £2.40 63.4
    Energy Used* 891.6 kWh @ 3.995p/kWh £35.62 891.6
    Energy Used* 472.7 kWh @ 3.793p/kWh £17.93 472.7
    Energy Used* 631.9 kWh @ 6.933p/kWh £43.81 631.9
    Energy Used* 570.1 kWh @ 6.933p/kWh £39.53 570.1
    Energy Used* 447.9 kWh @ 6.933p/kWh £31.06 447.9
    Energy Used* 511.9 kWh @ 6.933p/kWh £35.49 511.9
    Energy Used* 63.4 kWh @ 3.793p/kWh £2.40 63.4
    Energy Used* 223.4 kWh @ 6.933p/kWh £15.49 222.4
    Energy Used* 222.3 kWh @ 6.933p/kWh £15.41 222.3

    so using last years kWH then the figure of 10786.6 and the 10.30p are the figures I use for the estimate?
    this is from 10th Sep 2021 to 14th Sept 2022
  • Andy65's Avatar
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    Hi @Josie58

    Yes, 10.3p per kWh seems to be the anticipated price for the variable tariff. You'll also need to add on the Standing Charge, which is 23p per day in round numbers, so about £82 per year.

    I would think that the estimate that you've had was based upon the expected rise to take place on 1st October, but using your numbers at the anticipated 10.3p per kWh, you would be looking at an estimated cost of about £1200 per year.

    I tend to be careful with forecasting gas usage, I average it over a few years (easy for me as I keep a spreadsheet) because the severity of winter can make a huge difference if you have gas central heating.
  • simonhensby's Avatar

    You didn't mention that the UK is the only country in the WORLD paying these huge hikes. Yes other countries in the EU and elsewhere are paying more but not the eye watering amounts the Energy Companies here are asking UK customers to pay. And all because all those get rich quick spotty teenagers were allowed to start up energy businesses with little or no knowledge of the market. Now most have gone bankrupt UK consumers are being made to foot the bill. And EoN and all the other major energy thieves have been given the green light to collect however much they wish!!!!!!!
  • JoeSoap's Avatar
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    Can you show some evidence of how greedy, spotty or young these entrepreneurs were that have caused the current energy crisis?
    I'm an Eon Next dual fuel customer with no particular expertise but have some time on my hands that I am using to try and help out a bit.
  • sandco's Avatar
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    So explain this.

    My fixed Direct Debit is now £45 a month (after previously paying £40) for Elec & Gas. This was just emailed to me a few days ago.

    eon website is saying my DD will go down via the £66 making my DD -£12. However the website is still saying they will grab the £45 out of my bank account?!?

    man im confused and as per normal no one from Eon is answering any social media channels other than useless bots with scripted answers.
  • meldrewreborn's Avatar
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    Be patient and all will become clear . Your DD should be zero and the balance of the £66/£67 government contribution sent to you in a manner that still remains unclear. We’re all feeling our way here, but try to chill.
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  • Beki's Avatar
    @sandco As @meldrewreborn has said, we are sorting it out in the background. Please bear with us.