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    Does anyone know, or have a good idea, of how long the current fixed tariffs from Eonext will last?

    Can they be removed at any point or the rates change?

    I'm contemplating switching from the Flex tariff.

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    If there's a tariff that takes your fancy, I'd recommend taking it up while it's available as they can change at anytime without notice.

    However, make sure to shop around as well. Sometimes other suppliers have better deals, sometimes they have worse deals. It's always worth checking to make sure!
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    Hi @Boncobill

    When you say how long will they last, do you mean how long they'll be available for? My guess would not be that long as they're likely to increase again.
    Once you're on a fixed tariff the rates are fixed for the length of that contract.
    I believe you can switch penalty free as well, should a better tariff become available (we can only dream!).
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    Thank you for the kind replies.

    Yes, how long will they be available, not the duration.

    Yes i've done some comparison research, for a few weeks now. Nothing suitable around.

    I was recently put on the Next Flex tariff, after my previous good deal fixed expired, and am now contemplating hopping on the Next Online v14 before they ditch it. My bill jumped about 55% when put on the Next Flex.

    If I go on the fixed one it'll go up about another 20% but be fixed for a year.


    ​​​​​​​Thank you in advance...
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    How long they'll be available for is down to eon-next and they won't be telling. The forecast seems to suggest that prices will increase further, so my guess is that the fixed term tariffs will only be replaced with higher ones.

    The Variable tariff is expected to increase significantly in October, so is taking a 20% increase fixed deal now good? It's a gamble, so much so that I think everyone needs to decide for themselves.

    All I can say is that I think the regulator Ofgem is making us all pay for their own incompetence and that of those suppliers that have gone bust. It's the same with pump prices, it's become open season to fleece the consumer.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I don't have much confidence that there will be any improved fixed or variable tariffs in the medium term, unless there is significant intervention by government.

    I'm minded to switch tbh.

    Yes, the market is broken and consumer are being fleeced big time.

    ​​​​​​​The annoying thing is they've put the standing charge up most, which is a con as economising has zero effect on it. Someone is getting corpulent on profiteering..
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    After today's announcement of the autumn price cap increase of another £800, I immediately grabbed the fixed Next Online v14 tariff!

    Not sure how long they'll keep it for.

    Now at least I have a predictability for budgeting.

    Hope everyone gets what they need.

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    The figure today was a warning - not an announcement of the actual rates. When the detail is announced (late August!?) it may be higher or lower.

    The past increase in the electricity standing charge - largely to cover the costs from last years glut of failed supplier is indeed unfair. First it only applied to electricity users. So if you're an electricity only user your bill has gone up to meet the costs from some failed gas companies. Second, by loading the increase all onto standing charges, users of small amounts of electricity contribute just as much as those who use a lot of electricity.

    The increase in the price cap looks backwards regarding supplier costs. So the rates we're paying now relate to prices in the wholesale market from August last year to January this year. The next price cap will be similar and because we're part way through the reference period its obvious that prices are on the increase again for the next price cap.

    Suppliers though are probably losing money at the moment because of the rear view window of the price cap. Generators of electricity though are probably making excess profits. Some suppliers are also generators within a holding company, but legally different. But if you think about a wind farm or solar farm or Nuclear generation they are probably making excess profits because their costs have not risen much while income has soared.

    ​​​​​​​The price cap tariffs which in the past were to be avoided, because fix priced deals were much better, are now a protection for the majority of us. But trying to decided the best option - fix or variable - remains difficult because of the unknowns.
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    ​​​​​​​Prices were fairly stable before last year............Name:  price cap increase 2022.png
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    My old tariff comes to an end on 31st May. I immediately changed to a flexi tariff. After today’s news I want to change to a fixed 1 or 2 year tariff but there’s no option to do this online, why?