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    I have had a total nightmare since my old eon FIT account was moved to eon next. I cannot submit readings, the generation history is not complete and still doesn't show March 2022. there is nowhere on the site that shows what the new generation rate is from 1st April. With the new quarterly reading dates changing how will Eon next calculate the new rate from the 1st of April ? as there seem nowhere to submit an end of year reading.. i have sent multiple emails to eon next with my issues none of which have had a reply and neither has the one i sent to the CEO. .. CAN ANYONE HELP ? .. (better still can the old eon website be switched back on as it actually worked )
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    @Mal2 Hey 👋

    Have you managed to see your statements yet?

    The App isn't compatible and there are some statements on your online account via the website.

    The new rates on April 1st are always alongside the retail price index and often we are unable to confirm the rates until the 1st. We need to allow time for the tariff codes to be sent over, which our IT department then these are added to our systems.

    I appreciate this was some time ago however this will be consistent every year, I would imagine it's very similar for other licensees. When you moved from Eon Energy to Eon Next as part of the merger, things took some time to get up and running.

    This was the same process at Eon Energy with FIT and the new rates, we knew the % a day or 2 before so would often be able to estimate the new rates, however never confirm.

    The new rates are something that Eon Next calculates, again this is retail price (rpi) linked. The initial rate that you're paid is set by Ofgem and would depend on EPC rating and time/date of installation.

    I hope this helps you or someone in the future, happy to answer any questions you might have.
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    Hi @Mal2 ,

    This sounds like something that one of the moderators might know more about than I could. I'll ask @PeterT_EONNext to drop by.

    Unfortunately however, the decision to migrate from E.On Energy to E.On Next was made by some pretty high up management level a long time ago and they've committed to it. There's no turning back now even with a lot of people asking for it. I'm only a forum volunteer and had no connection with those decisions, so all the information I have is limited to publicly available information.
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    I have found a solution to my Eon next FIT issues.... i am switching my Fit to Octopus. Why ?? pretty obvious really, the new Eon Next website is barely functional, complaints never get answered ( even the one sent to the CEO ) I cannot answers to what should be the most obvious of questions like " what's my new feed in tariff since 1st April" and do i need to submit a end of year reading ... i might as well talk to the garage wall. so hopefully i will be saying good riddance to Eon next..
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    You can find the updated rates on Ofgems website, but it'll take a bit of work to figure out as there are loads of different rates depending on when you joined the FIT scheme, and what type of installation you have. I think I've been able to figure mine out with a combination of the things I've just mentioned plus a compare between last years rates (which I knew) and the updated ones.

    Would be better if it told you on your EON Next account but as you say it's absolutely bare bones at the moment. Hopefully that will get resolved soon.
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