Secure 100 Smart Meter Issues

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    Thanks for that really helpful explanation - appreciate it

    So the meter was originally installed by E.On - so hopefully that makes it easier for E.On Next to pick it up?

    The thing I'm personally really confused by, is how Symbio Energy was unable to get meter readings from the meter, but we were able to connect to and get readings (via the DCC) on the loop app. So clearly it had migrated and it was connected - but then something went all wrong

    All of this really confuses me and I can't wait for it to just all work!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PeterT_EONNext View Post
    Thanks for that @meldrewreborn

    I myself wasn't very happy with the answer they gave to be honest - I've asked them to escalate this.

    ​​​​​​​Pete 😊

    Hello - me again just wondering @PeterT_EONNext you had any update from the team on this? Been almost three months since I first posted about this issue on this thread!
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    Hi @allibhai

    I'm sorry, there's still no update on this just yet. From what I understand, the delay in particular with your meter is due to the meter being a 3 phase meter instead of a standard single phase meter (your meter reading has 7 digits instead of the usual 5, and the meter set up is different because of this)

    Due to this, we're unable to change the meter and have to wait for the DCC to enrol the meter onto the network. I've asked a colleague in our Smart Team to see if this can be pushed along, however, they have told me previously for a similar meter set up that there isn't much we can do yet in getting the meter to communicate, as the communication issue isn't on the side that we can control.

    Cool 😎 Calm 😌 Collected 🙌 - Here to help, or just for a chat if you like!

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    Hi @PeterT_EONNext
    That is really weird because we only have a single phase supply coming into the house! Are you sure it's a three phase meter?

    If that is the case, given we have a single phase supply could you not swap this meter out for a single phase one

    Have attached some photos incase helpful



    Yes this is most definitely a single phase meter it even says it here on their website

    So @PeterT_EONNext am a bit confused!
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