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    I’ve invested in a solar PV array on my home roof and, now my energy account has just been changed to Eonnext, I want to apply for the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) from Eonnext for the surplus power my kit is exporting to the grid. I have found though that my smart meters are SMETS1 and are not reporting energy exported. So it looks like some of the funding I was hoping would offset the cost of my installation isn’t available to me.

    Does anyone know please how I can get a replacement smart meter installation prioritised so that I can put an application in to SEG?
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    Hi @Whitehead85

    If your Smets1 doesn't record export we can look into installing a Smets 2 for you. Often the S1 Export read is in a hidden menu, you can get instructions on how to access this by asking Google. I tend to search on occasion the following 'how to access 'make and model' export meter read, there is usually a video or 2, or we can get you a step by step guide. As mentioned we will change the meter for you if it enables you to claim the Smart Export Guarantee at no charge.

    It might be best to give our FIT/SEG team a call and they will be able to get you a visit booked in. Even if there was no smart cover in your area, the meter can be set to a mode to just record the export. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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    Hi @Whitehead85 ,

    I'm theunknowntech and I'm a mysterious forum volunteer who appears out of nowhere. This can be a tricky one, so I've double checked with my friend Blastoise186 for the answer. This is what he's told me to pass on.

    A Smart Meter is not required for SEG, despite the name suggesting otherwise. As long as you've got an Export Meter hooked up, that should do the job. Export Meters also work independently of smart meters and are installed as part of the sign-up process. There's no charge to have this done and you do not need to replace your existing Smart Meters either.
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    Hey @Whitehead85,

    Did you manage to get sorted out with a smart meter? How are you finding your solar panels?
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