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    Good afternoon everyone!! ๐ŸŒž

    I hope the weather is treating everyone well!

    Where I am it's starting to look way more brighter so I generally feel so much better! We love having you all here in the community and really hope you find some great advice and help from our other amazing members.

    As a community team, our main role here is keeping things ticking over, everyone safe and getting involved in some great conversations! We know many of you will have specific queries about your accounts, we want to keep your personal details safe so please don't post them here. We're also not always around so it's not always the quickest way to get help.

    Here are some other options to contact: E.ON Next

    Our email is:๐Ÿ“จ
    So our energy specialists can support you best over email, it's a great idea to fill the email with any information you think would be relevant; meter readings, photos and account number are all fantastic examples of information that can help us resolve your query quicker. We aim to respond to emails within a few working days however during busy times, there may be a longer wait than usual.

    If you prefer giving us a call โ˜Ž, know that our lines are open 9am - 5pm Monday to Thursday, and 9am - 5pm Friday. For home related calls the number is 0808 501 5200 and for business related calls it's 0808 501 5699.

    You can also contact us on Facebook, X (Formerly Twitter). The best thing about this service is that you can pop us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Again, it's a great idea to pop us any information you think is needed so we can look into your account quicker.

    We've now said hello to ๐Ÿ“ฒ WhatsApp (0808 501 5200) just like social media, our Energy Specialists will be here to help with any problems, any time of day.

    Did you know you can now contact us if you're hard of hearing using our partner service SignLive? If you feel like you need to get in touch but need to use British Sign Language, check out this post: Getting in Touch - British Sign Language for more info and how to get in touch.

    Of course, we'd love to answer your questions here too - just click to: Post a New Thread as we have lots of knowledgeable community members who love to offer their advice and support.

    We โค our Community! Hopefully speak to you soon,

    Hannah ๐ŸŒ
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    There are lots of new ways to contact us! If you do need us please
    ๐Ÿ‘‰get in touch๐Ÿ‘ˆ

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    I don't understand why you prefer people to contact you via social media. In doing so it excludes a whole generation of people like me who have not grown up with it, don't understand it and won't go near it. The telephone is near universal and most people, except the very elderly, are comfortable with e-mail. I realise that you are busy so that tells me it would be better to not spread yourselves too thinly and try and respond across several competing platforms. Transferring staff from watching social media accounts to answering the phone and replying to e-mails would in my view be a better way of improving the (currently woeful) standard of communication. I say this as someone who was transferred over from Igloo on 2nd October and now over 5 months on have still to receive a bill, despite a statement on your web site dated 1st February saying that all former Igloo customers have received their first bill. I have raised this several times on here and tried to phone but have got nowhere.
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    Hi @BryanW ๐Ÿ‘‹

    Thanks for your reply and also bringing this too our attention. Whilst we appreciate that not everyone is into social media we still do have the phone lines and emails open for those who wish to use them. in the circumstances where someone needs a call, those who work on our social media channels can help out! I also understand what you are saying about our teams; but in reality we still do have just as many people working on social media as what we do working on our phone lines!

    I am sorry that you are yet to be issued with a final bill from the old supplier and that you feel like you have not found the answer on here. Please do feel free to drop me a message with your account details and I will see what I can do, when I am avaliable!
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    Hannah I think the customers was saying he hadn't had a bill from Eon next not from igloo.
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    I think this should be a sticky otherwise it will slip down the pages of the forum.
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    Hannah the customer service skills of the agents on the email system are absolutely appalling. Iโ€™m sick of the expense of waiting on the phone so I guess itโ€™s social media. But isnโ€™t that just the same people who answer the emails??
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    Just to be clear I received a final bill from Igloo only a few days after the enforced transfer to yourselves. I was asked by e-mail (Zintle) on 8th December for a final reading bill from Igloo which I did that very day. Over three months later I still await my first statement from you. Money is leaving my account for electricity and gas so you must know within reason what the situation is (I send very regular meter readings taken from my dumb meter) but do not know, without an itemised bill, how this is being calculated. Am I the only one not to have received any statement? and why does your web site continue to say - as of 1st February - that all former Igloo customers have now "been sorted" and have received their first bill. That is clearly not the case. If you or someone can sort this out I would be grateful.

    As for the subject matter of communication I don't understand your explanation. If you have " as many people working on social media as what we do working on our phone lines" then my suggestion is that some or all move across where they can be more useful to more people in helping to answer the phone lines, which in my view should be the priority. You can't continue to do everything and perform so poorly - as is quite obvious when reading the other posts on here - without changing something.

    I agree with "Meldrewreborn" that this should be made a sticky. After all you began the conversation exactly because you thought it was important.

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    Twitter Instagram and Facebook are said to be 24 hours a day. I've never used those routes but i doubt that activity is always live. So I expect you post an issue and then they eventually get back to you. Agents may well be overseas but as you never talk to them there are no accents to give that away.

    However, what people want is that their query is answered quickly and correctly first time. I get the impression that is not happening.
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    What I find particularly irritating is when a business that I deal with such as Eon Next, go out of their way to avoid contact with customers.
    I've just spent 10 minutes at trying to find any contact information. I clicked on Contact Us, then tried the sub sections Bills and Payments, Meters and meter readings, Tariffs and renewals and Something else, there is no mention anywhere of a telephone number, email, Twitter etc.

    How can you have a Contact Us page and not have any actual contact information?

    I understand that Social Media is becoming a popular method of contact, but I dislike it myself because of the delays between interactions. I prefer the telephone myself because it's the only (usually!) way of ensuring your query is answered. I will use email but quite often it's never read properly and so you generally get half an answer, a standard reply etc, then end result is that I have to ask again.

    Irrespective of what channels a business decides to use for communication, the one thing that I would expect is that they're all available for the same length of time. I don't understand why a person who uses social media would get preferential treatment over another who wishes to use the telephone.
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    I think Eon next prefer the social media routes because they do not result in direct contact with the customer so perhaps chit chat is avoided and the issues alone can be dealt with, and perhaps productivity (queries resolved per hour) might look better. But its not what many people want.

    Clearly its been difficult for all the surviving companies because they've had to cope with mas migrations of customers from failed companies, and probably had to rapidly expand their customer services to cope. So in some respects they deserve our thanks. But they don't seem to be on top of things yet.