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    Since moving over from e-on to e-on next, my gas meter has not sent readings. So consequently I’ve had no bills since Oct 2021. Electric no problem these have been taken 3 times, but obviously still not received a bill. I have tried to get answers through Twitter and email to ask how I read the meter as ur instructions on the account app do not work for my meter, as I can’t seem to get the actual full reading.
    I sent photos of my meter on email and chased but no reply. I have a smart meter that has secure on the front. Please give me the Instructions to take these readings and explain why my meter is not being read automatically.
    thank you
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    Hey everyone, here's Bennie.

    I just want to expand a little bit about the gas smart meter readings issues.

    First of all I would like to say how great it is to see you members taking the time to share your queries and trying to help each other. This is exactly what we would like this community to be.

    About the smart meter reading issues, it is really hard to get a full picture of the issue without breaking data security policy, but I can definitely explain few things and hopefully this will help you understand better your queries and where to seek specific help.

    Firstly, gas meter readings are a dual responsibility, this means, if you see that there is an issue with connectivity and we cannot take the reading remotely, we would expect you to send a reading potentially every month to create accurate bills and avoid debts. Collaboration is at the foundation of customer- energy company relationships.

    Secondly, everyone might have a different gas smart meter and therefore taking a read can become a little tricky. The instruction for each meter varies and I think it is really worth it for you to send a picture of your meter to our social media team and get that specific support that you need.

    Finally, the process of reconnecting the smart meters, can be super easy and quick in most of the cases. Usually when a meter stops sending information is due to the need of updating the billing and reading schedules which our social media team can do for you.

    After 48 hours, if this is not successful, the team, will investigate the issue and most likely will get in touch with our smart metering specialist team which will see if they can reconnect the meters remotely or resolve the issue.

    It is really important that we keep the communication about this matter open and even more important that you share your experiences with the other members to build that community support.

    I really hope this has been helpful to anyone. You could also contact our social media team and let them know exactly what I have explained on this post. They will know what to do and how to support your query specifically to your needs.

    Please feel free to keep the conversation going or if you have any questions, I am here to help as much as I can 😀

    Wishing you a lovely day!

    Stay safe,
    Benedetta 🌈
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    @Janette1007 I also have to read my gas meter because although it is a smart meter it doesn't transmit the readings. I press the 9 button and read the second set of numbers that are displayed.
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    Similarly I realised a couple of months ago that gas readings had not been taken for some time but have been able to submit them "manually" through the website. Back in the autumn had some chap come to the door to ask to take the gas reading but declined his offer. Problem with E.ON or the meter?
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    Should be a quick fix. Heya @PeterT_EONNext think you can score a hat trick?
    Just another guy passing by... The unknown tech way...
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    Hi All! I'm sorry to hear of the troubles you're all having with your Smart Meters.

    @Janette1007 I've set up your gas meter to send us readings on the 17th of each month like your electricity does currently, this should continue normally from 17th March onwards

    @Eddie1944 Same for you, yours will be on the 20th of each month starting this month 😄

    @Micky I'm afraid yours is a little more complicated, and I won't be able to go into details here as I can't discuss your account (sorry!) Your gas meter seems to have dropped off of the network, we can work to get this back, but you'll need to get in touch with us directly so we can go over a few things with you.

    The best way to get in touch is Facebook or Twitter - there is as faster response time over there as our Digital Energy Specialists are currently available 24/7 over there.

    @theunknowntech So close to a hat trick as well! 🤦‍♂️
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    @PeterT_EONNext I’m having the exact same issue as the OP. No gas bill and reading from the smart meter since October 2021. Can you please help?
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    @HLT9246 Iam having the same issue. I have compalned once and sent a meter read in (when somebody worked out how I could read the meter as the instructions on the web site were incorrect). Guess what !!! Still no reading taken from a ""smart meter"". Either nobody is in the gas department or are on strike. eonnext seem to want the customer to do their work for them. Bet they wont give you a discount for dong their work for them !!!
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    Having the exact same issue where gas meter readings appeared to have stopped October time. Surely Eon must realise there a number of meters not submitting readings since this date
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    im also having issues with my smart meter no longer recording gas readings. Can you assist