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    I need a new key and card for my gas and electric to be issued out to me because the old tenant left a bill on the old ones and I would like to get a new key and card in my name how do I do that ?
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    Hi @Amberley ,

    For this one, I'd recommend giving customer service a call and ask to set up a new account in your name, please also provide a forwarding address for the previous tenant if you're able to, as this will help E.On to chase up the debt they owe. You will not be expected to pay that off either, so customer service will also be able to arrange for it to be wiped off the meters.

    As part of the process, you'll get a new electric key and gas card as well, please make sure to follow the instructions in the welcome pack to register them properly before attempting to top-up for the first time.

    Once you get a new tenant in, please make sure they set up their own account, so that they take over the supply. Hope this helps!
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